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IMB – Digital Marketing and Web analytics

Yes to Data, But Only If It's High Quality
The pandemic has accelerated the changes in the dynamics of marketing as a profession. It has caught many people off-guard as the market was not entirely prepared for this change. Digital Marketers suddenly became the need of the hour as people realised the importance of having a social media presence for their businesses. This especially affected small and medium-size businesses as the only way to reach wider audiences were to spread brand awareness through all the different channels of social media. This led to sudden flooding of business pages with content and information for all eyes to see but still, only some were successfully able to establish themselves as a brand. To understand the reason for the success of these select pages, we need to first understand the real meaning of Digital Marketing.

The purview of digital marketing goes way beyond just creating content and graphics. It encompasses various factors such as understanding how to use analytical tools, studying the market trends, understanding algorithms of various pages, and the list goes on. The common practice to understand these dynamics is to do an online course but that pathway has its limitations in terms of scope and applicability. On the other hand, these skills are far too new and have not been embedded in the education system yet.

So where does an aspiring marketer learn these skills? This is where the International Master in Business (IMB) course at SDA Bocconi Asia Center becomes a ray of sunshine in the dark as it helps you get an edge over your peers by redefining the boundaries of education and continuously updating the courses to integrate them with the current requirements of the market.

Professor Andreina Mandelli has over 25 years of experience in teaching strategies of marketing and has been a pioneer in promoting the importance of integrating ‘Digital Marketing and Web Analytics’ as a course in the IMB program.

Throughout her course, she helps you gain more insight about various tools you can use to increase your brand reach and engagement on digital platforms and how to use available analytical tools to your benefit. It helps you gauge the skill sets and the theoretical backing, which is extremely important for any aspiring marketer, especially freshers. At the same time, you have numerous opportunities to take up Live Projects offering dedicated roles as digital marketers which help you get hands-on experience while learning about this new wave.

This combination of classroom learning along with hands-on experience in my opinion helps every aspirant to get a holistic view of how the future in marketing looks and gives a boost in regards to being interview-ready for a role in this domain.

Author Rohan Mehrotra | Editor – Rohan Mehrotra and Vedika Nathani

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