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Executive Program in Luxury

Executive Program in Luxury

This program is aimed at providing to managers and entrepreneurs working in the Indian Retail, Fashion and Luxury sectors the fundamental know-how and insights to understand the dramatic changes brought by digital transformation, new consumers trends, and globalization.

This compact program, designed and taught by professors from SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy, who have supported and trained many Italian worldwide luxury, fashion, and design brands, is a fundamental milestone for those who want to learn.

Learning Goals
  • The trends in the International Luxury industries
  • How to navigate the change and seize business opportunities
  • BHow to build a successful brand and improve the “go to market” strategies
  • How to create value in the Retail, Luxury and Fashion industries
  • How to go to market and design an omnichannel strategy


(3 Days)


Minimum work experience of
3 years

Program Fee

Total program Fee:
Price: INR 1 Lac + GST
Program Structure

Our fast-paced and exciting program will help executives to develop the creative and practical skills which are vital to luxury sector careers in retail, automotive, real estate, fashion, furniture, jewellery, cosmetics, accessories etc. This program offers an engaging and comprehensive approach to the specific business model of Luxury.

  • Luxury Business and differentiation strategies: key learnings from leaders (Italy, France)
  • Identifying and discussing Luxury Dilemmas
  • Global trends in Luxury: a focus on emerging countries
  • Innovation in Luxury: from product launch to new business models
  • International growth of luxury companies: market selection, adaptation and entry modes
  • Differences across countries and impact on profitability of luxury companies
  • Go to market: combining online and offline effectively
  • Challenges from a multichannel distribution strategy and new store opening process
  • The Location game: how to select a retail location in line with brand str
  • How to evaluate Retail KPIs, link commercial performance and P&L performance
  • Retail development strategy and tools with understanding on direct retail or partnerships?
  • Brand Mapping and the research of a vacant brand positioning