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Innovation Summit 2023 “Business in the Era of AI”

SDA Bocconi Asia Center takes great pride in announcing the successful completion of its InnovationSummit2023. At our event, “Business in the Era of AI”, we had the privilege of hosting distinguished industry experts and delving into pivotal topics that are shaping the future of business. We were honoured to have Smt. Vidya Krishnan, Deputy Managing Director (IT) at the State Bank of India, Global IT Centre, as our keynote speaker. Her address set the tone for a day filled with profound insights into the role of AI in the corporate landscape. Given their large customer base (80+ million customers) and their geographical presence, SBI had to leverage on ICT early on, and now digitiz is 85%

Panel Members included some of the key stakeholders,
🔹 Mr. Siva Prasath B, Head – Knowledge Services, Marsh McLennan
🔹 Mr. Shailesh Dhuri, CEO and Founder, Decimal Point Analytics
🔹 Mr. Arockia Liborious, Practice Head – Gen AI, Cognitive, and Cards Portfolio Analytics, ICICI Bank

Our Moderator Mr. Deepesh Hiran, Managing Director, AuxoAI, led the discussions and brought out some remarkable insights from our panelists. Throughout the day, we explored a wide array of fascinating topics, including:
– Predict default
– Image and voice recognition
– Support the customer credit assessment

🔷 WINS Tasks:
Delving into the multifaceted applications of AI across diverse data formats, from text and imagery to numerical data and audio.

🔷 The significance of Digital Twins in the AI landscape:
Examining the strategic use of digital twin technologies in enhancing real-world processes and informed decision-making.

🔷 Gen AI:
Analyzing the potential transformative impact of Generation AI as it potentially ushers in the fourth industrial revolution.

🔷 The coexistence of humans and AI (Cyborg and Centaurs):
Addressing the symbiotic relationship between humans and AI, exploring the evolving nature of human-machine collaboration.

🔷 Up-skilling and the evolving job landscape:
Emphasizing the imperative of continuous skills enhancement to adapt to the evolving employment landscape.

🔷 Chatbots:
Investigating the pivotal role of AI-driven chatbots as the first line of customer interaction for handling inquiries and support.

🔷 Ethical AI:
Delving into the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence, discussing responsible AI deployment and its moral implications.

🔷 The future of jobs:
“We will still have jobs, transformation will happen – we will have to coexist” Reassuring the persistence of employment opportunities amidst technological transformation, stressing the coexistence of humans and AI.

A big thank you to the industry stalwarts, Paola Bielli Professor of Information Systems SDA Bocconi for making this discussion such a resounding success. The future is AI, and together, we are prepared to embrace it!🚀

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