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Global Executive Program In Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Global Executive Program In Entrepreneurship & Innovation

This intensive modular and international program demonstrates how, in the age of change and digital transformation, opportunities beckon potential entrepreneurs to start new businesses and challenge.

seasoned entrepreneurs and senior managers to transform existing ones. The global business environment challenges entrepreneurs to develop a set of comprehensive and actionable tools to successfully leverage innovative opportunities and drive change within their own organisations.

In collaboration with Polachirackal Tharakan family and Kottukapally family, both of Kerala.

You Will Gain
  • Greater understanding and skills for scaling up and governing your business or teams with innovative ideas and tools
  • Exposure to cutting-edge research and trends on innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Understanding of European and Italian excellence with learnings from successful international family-owned businesses
  • Innovation in Luxury: from product launch to new business models
  • International growth of luxury companies: market selection, adaptation and entry modes
  • Differences across countries and impact on profitability of luxury companies
  • The opportunity to learn and engage with top international Bocconi Faculty


12 Months


Candidates with 3 years
work experience or
family owned business

Program Fee

18 Lacs plus GST
Program Structure

Our fast-paced and exciting program will help executives to develop the creative and practical skills which are vital to luxury sector careers in retail, automotive, real estate, fashion, furniture, jewellery, cosmetics, accessories etc. This program offers an engaging and comprehensive approach to the specific business model of Luxury.

    – New trends in India and the world
    – AI, machine learning, blockchain: How can entrepreneurs and small/medium businesses take advantage?
    – Ideation: building around the customer
    – Design: building a business model
    – Test: building market experiments
    – Valuing the seed business and scaling up the idea
  • Negotiating in an international environment
  • Leadership in a changing world: Crafting the right culture
  • New trends in supply chain management
  • Governance in small fast-growing firms
  • Designing and creating high-velocity organizations
  • Communicating to investors and internal stakeholders
  • Why Italian Excellence is there: visits and guests session in Milan, Italy
  • The luxury and design industry: Building powerful brands
  • Family-owned businesses that thrive in the new economy
  • Supply chain decision-making with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence
  • Visiting the new hubs for start-ups and new ideas, in Europe*
  • Macroeconomic trends and their impact on emerging markets
  • Understanding the global financial systems
  • Venture capital: where it is and what it looks for in scaling startups
  • Guest speakers, company visits and group work to discuss new business
  • Trends and opportunities among India, the Middle East and Europe

Each participant will undertake a capstone project with the guidance of a SDA Bocconi School of Management faculty member. With this project, participants will get to apply the learnings of the program to a business problem or opportunity of their choosing.