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Leadership Skills for Career Development

During the IEMB program, participants will be nurtured to grow their potential to become effective leaders. To enable this several initiatives are offered to the participants to discover their strengths, overcome their limits and identify opportunities for growth.

Career Development Masterclass

The Career Development Masterclasses, conducted by Dr. Shibani Belwalkar, are a series of exercises and discussions aimed at ‘career crafting” a powerful tool to reenergize and reimagine your work life. It involves redefining your career to incorporate your motives, strengths and passions. The exercises prompt you to visualise your career, map its elements, reorganize your focus and seize the moments which can crystalize the path for the attainment of your career goals. In this way, you will be in control especially critical at a time when you’re probably working longer and harder, expecting to retire later. Whether you want to redesign your existing role in your current organization or seek to move elsewhere, the driver’s seat is where you should be. Own you career, now!

Leadership Talk Series

We strongly believe that balancing theory with practice is a fundamental pillar of a good Executive Program. The Leadership Series will expose IEMB Participants to the vast knowledge and experience of top leaders. A unique opportunity to learn from their hands-on experience and and to get stimuli and insights to drive change and expand career opportunities.

Professional Empowerment Seminars

IEMB in collaboration with Michael Page India, a leading professional recruitment consultancy, offers IEMB Participants the opportunity understand, in a practical way, the job opportunities for leaders and how to present more authentically in a leadership role. Workshops shed light on Executive Business Writing, Executive Business Delivery, Personal Brand, Engaging and Inspiring others.

IEMB Class of 2021

Director – Sustaining Engineering, Philips HIC

“Having that global exposure and perspective paved the way for me to undertake leadership responsibilities that required me to know how businesses operated across different regions”.

“You need to push the envelope of what you can achieve, and you know you need to up-skill. So, don’t be in your comfort zone; if you decide to take up this journey, plan it thoroughly until the last step”.


Executive business writing

Understand how to structure clear written communications to your audience

Executive presentation delivery

Examine your presentation style and learn new tools and techniques to develop and deliver presentations with more impact

Personal Brand

Learn how to communicate your ideas effectively in both formal and informal situations

Engaging and inspiring others

Explore how to engage and inspire others effectively as a leader

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