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Retail & Luxury

Center Of Excellence – Retail & Luxury

One of the centers to be conceptualized in the year 2013 was the Center of Excellence for Retail & Luxury.

Center’s Mission: Create a Global Knowledge Platform for both Retail and Luxury through deep research. An Advisory Board
consisting of industry leaders in Retail and Luxury has been set up to act as a sounding board for all Projects that get initiated through
the Centers Members.

Rationale For Research Collaboration
  • Leading Faculty at SDA Bocconi in Retail & Luxury – Doing research
    on Consumer Buyer Behavior, Customer Satisfaction & Dissatisfaction, Loyalty Programs, Privacy, Category Management, Channel Management, E-Commerce & Mobile Commerce, Experiential Marketing, Retail Innovation, Retail Distribution, Private labels vs Brands and Value Co-Creation.
  • Director Prof. Dr Anjana Grewal, Ph.D., has several decades of experience in Retail & FMCG sectors at Senior Level in India – Expertise in Marketing Channel Management, Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction.
  • Bocconi has 263 Partner Schools across the world which helps us to connect with other countries to determine best practices.
  • Experience in developing Digital Questionnaire & managing backend data
  • Managed Field Solutions for a Pan India study. Thereby creating a new capability for the center to undertake large studies in future.
  • Deep Experience in Qualitative and Quantitative Research Projects.

Retail Manager

An executive education program with both Milan and India editions has been successfully executed in 2013 and 2014

Research Projects

  • Legal Aspects for Retail – 2014 – Pricing of SKUs in various Retail Chains – 2014
  • Study of the Fragrance Market – 2015
  • The Current Indian Shopper & Retail Channel Levers – 2015-2016
  • The Sachet Revolution in India – WIP
  • A Research Report on Ice-cream Industry in India – WIP
  • Mall study for India’s key cities – WIP
  • Loyalty program for fashion apparel industry – WIP
  • Customer Satisfaction in Airlines / Hospitality sector – WIP


Retail Forum

Roundtable Conference on ‘Customer Centricity in Retail Industry in India’ – 2016
Roundtable Conference on ‘Game Changing Levers in the Omni-channel Retail World in India’ – 2017