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School Career Development Services

Career Development Services is a dedicated team of  professionals with background in consulting, headhunting, human resources, education, learning and development, with a common passion to promote students’ personal and professional development, providing recruiters with the support to find the right talent for their business needs.

Internship and Placement Reports for IMB Program
Custom Programs

SDA Bocconi designs and implements personalized programs for public and private, domestic and international organizations. An operative, systematic and holistic approach is used to combine the organization’s strategic objectives with individual professional and personal development. Value is created in partnership with the customer, by developing specific training paths which are tailored to the specific organization at hand.

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Centers of Excellence were conceptualized at SDA Bocconi Asia Center in order to create an environment which is rich in knowledge through research. The objective: to create a Global Knowledge Platform. Through the creation of this platform, it is envisioned that SDA Bocconi Asia Center will foster a partnership with the corporate community which will enable it to enrich its programs and drive value across the industry and student community.
Through this initiative, SDA Bocconi Asia Center generates the setting up of best practices and management development in India through research, education and thought leadership. It will significantly bring to the front, Bocconi’s strength since its foundation which has been its openness and willingness to share the knowledge and the results of its teaching and its research with different stakeholders.

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