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Prof. Veronica Vecchi

Executive Education Director at SDA Bocconi Asia Center
SDA Bocconi Professor of Public Management and Policy
Research Fellow and Professor of Organization and Information Systems, Bocconi University, Milan, Italy

Degree in Public Administration and International Institutions, Bocconi University, Milan, 2002
Ph.D. in Public Administration at Parma University, 2008.

Curriculum Vitae

Veronica Vecchi, italian, is SDA Professor of Public Management at SDA Bocconi School of Management and director of executive education at SDA Bocconi Asia Center in Mumbai. She coordinates Bocconi MP3, the Bocconi University research initiative dedicated to Public Private Partnerships for economic development and SDA Bocconi Lab for Impact Investments. She is external faculty affiliate at Cornell University for the Cornell Program in Infrastructure Policy.

Her areas of expertise include: public management; public private partnership for infrastructure and business development; business government relations; impact investment and social innovation; public policy and management for entrepreneurial development and competitiveness; financial strategies and evaluation for public investments and infrastructures.

She has run numerous executive education programs, researches and consultancies for Institutions and private companies, such as: CIPE (Inter Ministerial Committee for Economic Planning) – Italian Prime Minister Cabinet; the Italian State General Accounting Department; Italian Regions, among them Lombardia, Veneto and Emilia Romagna; Italian healthcare organizations and municipalities; Administrative Court of Lombardy Region; European Investment Fund; OECD; Bulgarian Government; Philips; Fresenius; Bilfinger; Landi Renzo; Vamed; Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

Author of many articles and books, among them: “Managerial Flow and the Implementation of Local Development Policies” (Routledge) and “Public Private Partnerships for infrastructure and enterprise funding. Principles, Practices and Perspectives”

Research Interest

  • Financing strategies and tools for public authorities,
  • Project finance, leasing and structured finance for public investments
  • Public private partnerships,
  • Financial analysis for public investments
  • Local development,
  • Public financial tools for supporting SMEs,
  • EU funds



  • Vecchi V. (2012), EU funds: Strategy & Management, Milano: Egea

Books with other authors and edited books

  • Vecchi V., Brusoni M., Balbo L., Caselli S., (forthcoming 2016), Impact Investing: a worldwide revolution. Principles, practices, perspectives. Greenleaf
  • Brusoni M., Farr-Warthon B., Farr-Warthon R., Vecchi V. (2015), Managerial Flow and the Implementation of Local Development Policies, Abington: Routledge
  • Caselli S., Corbetta G., Vecchi V. (2015), Public Private Partnership for infrastructure and business development, New York: Palgrave

Chapters in other authors books

  • Vecchi V., Cusumano N., Brusoni M., (2015), Impact Investing: an Evolution of CSR or a New Playground? In Stachowicz-Stanusch A., Corporate Social Performance: Paradoxes, Pitfalls and Pathways To The Better World. Information Age Publishing (IAP)
  • Hellowell M., Vecchi V. (2013), What return for risk? The price of equity capital in public-private partnerships, in Greve C. and Hodge G., Public Private partnership, Abingdon: Routledge
  • Vecchi V. e Dalla Longa R. (2009), Bicocca case study, in Dalla Longa R. Globalization and Urban Implosion, Heidelberg: Springer


  • Colla P., Hellowell M., Vecchi V., Gatti S., (2015), Determinants of the price of equity in hospital private finance initiative projects, Health Policy
  • Vecchi V., Casalini F., Cusumano N., Brusoni M. (2015) Oltre Venture: The first Italian impact investment fund, ECCH
  • Vecchi V., Cusumano N., Morri G., (2014) Designing a PPP beyond Legal Procedures, The Case Of Fahrenheit Resort, ECCH, http://www.thecasecentre.org/educators/search/results?s=B2C753E0E1ED1B6BC0434F51C8DDC0BC
  • Hellowell, M., & Vecchi, V. (2015). The Non-Incremental Road to Disaster? A Comparative Policy Analysis of Agency Problems in the Commissioning of Infrastructure Projects in the UK and Italy. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice, 1-14.
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  • Hellowell M., Vecchi V., Caselli S. (2015), Return of the state? An appraisal of policies to enhance access to credit for infrastructure-based PPPs, Public Moneny Management, 35 (1): 71-78
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  • Vecchi V., Brusoni M., Borgonovi E., (forthcoming), Local authorities for small-medium enterprises: a public management approach to execute competitiveness policies. Public Management Review DOI 10.1080/14719037.2012.72575
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  • Vecchi V., Hellowell M., (2009) The cost-efficiency of Private Finance in Public healthcare: Evidence from the UK and Italy, Mecosan n.71

Other Relevant Info

For any additional information please visit http://www.sdabocconi.it/en/faculty/vecchi-veronica