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Italo Colantone

Associate Professor of Economics at Bocconi University

Ph.D. in Economics, Catholic University of Leuven (KUL), Belgium, 2008
Master in Economics, Bocconi University 2004
BA in Economics, Statistics and Social Sciences, Bocconi University 2003

Curriculum Vitae

Italo Colantone is an Assistant Professor of Economics at Bocconi University, in Milan. He works in the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management, teaching “European Economic Policy”, “Macroeconomics” and “Economics of European Integration”. His research focuses on International Trade and Applied Industrial Organization.

He has previously worked as Assistant Professor at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and am also affiliated at MSI (KUL). He has visited CEMFI-Madrid, Carlos III and the IAE-CSIC in Barcelona.

Research Interests

  • Regional development
  • Economic prospects


Publications in refereed journals: SELECTED

  • “Heterogeneous Firms and Asymmetric Product Differentiation” (joint with Carlo Altomonte and Enrico Pennings) Journal of Industrial Economics, forthcoming
  • “New Imported Inputs, New Domestic Products” (joint with Rosario Crino’) Journal of International Economics, 2014 – 92 (1): 147-165
  • “Low-Cost Import Competition and Firm Exit: Evidence from the EU” (joint with Kristien Coucke and Leo Sleuwaegen) Industrial and Corporate Change, 2015 – 24 (1): 131-161
  • “Trade Openness, Real Exchange Rates and Job Reallocation: Evidence from Belgium” Review of World Economics/Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv, 2012 – 148: 669-706
  • “International Trade, Exit and Entry: A Cross-Country and Industry Analysis” (joint with Leo Sleuwaegen) Journal of International Business Studies, 2010 – 41: 1240-1257.
  • “Firm Heterogeneity and Endogenous Regional Disparities” (joint with Carlo Altomonte) Journal of Economic Geography, 2008 – 8(6):779-810

Current work in progress:

  • “The Hidden Cost of Globalization: Import Competition and Mental Distress” (joint with Rosario Crinò and Laura Ogliari), Baffi Carefin Bocconi Working Paper No. 2015-11.
  • “Does (Value Added) Trade Cause Growth?” (joint with Carlo Altomonte and Afrola Plaku)

Chapters in Books:

  • Altomonte, C., Colantone, I., Rungi, A., and Sonno, T. (2015) “Global Value Networks”, in Amador, J. and F. di Mauro (eds.), The Age of Global Value Chains: Maps and Policy Issues, VoxEU eBook, Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Other Policy-Oriented Reports:

  • Colantone, I. and Sleuwaegen, L. (2007) “Globalization and Entrepreneurship: What do we know?” Flanders DC Report Series
  • Altomonte, C. and Colantone, I. (2005) “The European Union as a global player: constraints and development opportunities” (in Italian), Quaderni di Thesmos, n.8, Rubbettino

Other Relevant Information

For any additional information please visit http://italocolantone.com/


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