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The ROI of an MISB Education

MISB-BocconiRarely does a discussion on business schools arise today without three words also coming up: return on investment. And with good reason, too. With expensive tuition fees and an increasingly competitive job market, how do you know if your decision to attend a b-school will pay off in the long run?

At MISB Bocconi, we understand these concerns and actively strive to keep value as a hallmark of everything we do. Our grads head out into the world prepared not only to innovate and lead, but also to immediately begin reaping the rewards of a premier international b-school education.

The Esteemed Bocconi Name

The prestigious Bocconi name has long been synonymous with exceptional quality. In fact, SDA Bocconi’s full-time MBA program was included on The Economist’s global line-up of “good-value” MBAs, claiming the fourth place spot in terms of ROI, with tuition and forgone salary factored in.

As the only offshore campus of Bocconi, MISB offers all of the benefits of a Bocconi education in the heart of Mumbai. In other words, our students walk away with the knowledge, skills, and international outlook needed not only to succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace, but to take on intense leadership roles.

Numbers That Speak for Themselves

One look at our 2015 placement report delivers an eye-opening picture of what MISB students stand to gain when entering the workforce following completion of the PGPB. Some of our success stats include:

  • a 100 percent employment rate among placement-seeking grads
  • a 175 percent average salary increase from pre- to post-PGPB
  • an average compensation of INR 10.23 Lakhs
  • 3.5 job openings per student

In short, when we say our alumni are positioned to succeed in the workplace, we’re not just pulling random numbers out of the air to make a compelling sales pitch. Our placement records speak for themselves.

From Our Alumni

And then, there’s what alumni like Smiti Mohan and Manish Pathak have to say. From improved conflict management skills to lifelong professional and personal networks, an MISB Bocconi degree continues to give back as our alumni progress through in their careers. While these experiences might not be quantifiable in dollars, they’re undeniable and tangible in their own right.

At MISB Bocconi, we like nothing more than the chance to address the pertinent issue of ROI with prospective MBA students. Why? Because we know that we deliver — and then some — ensuring that our students get the biggest bang for their buck with the PGPB.

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