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Student Diaries: The Metamorphosis Of A Post Graduate Student

Priya Bhatter (Class of 2017) Picture by Mirella Marinelli


At MISB Bocconi, we often say, do not expect the expected. When I was enrolling for the Post Graduate Program in Business (PGPB), little did I know, that it would unveil different sides of me and make me discover that a business program can impact one’s life more than what we expect it to.

Other than the academic and practical knowledge that a program like this delivers (and this is what I was planning on writing about initially), the lifestyle has taught me a million things that I did not know about myself – each day I learn more about myself – I think  it has helped me “grow up”, and I’ve decided to talk about those experiences here:

Other than academics, what did going to a B-school teach me?

It taught me how to step out of my comfort zone, to express myself verbally and in writing; to listen, question, argue and learn. It taught me how to look at everything from different perspectives. It taught me to be able to work with the people I like, and those that I don’t. It helped me get rid of all the baggage from my work experience and to think through problems in a fresh context. It taught me how to deal with deadlines, pressure, and stress.  It has made me a master in multitasking – in work and at home.

I realized I can remain calm under pressure. I can push the boundaries of my comfort zone outwards and push them even further once I’m comfortable again. I can survive on four hours of sleep or less for a week, but I can also snooze all day on a holiday. Each day is a lesson on all that I don’t know and all that I need to learn. I realized how I make time for the things I love, despite having an insanely busy schedule, and completely neglect the chores I don’t want to do.  It taught me how to get rid of procrastination, how to prioritize and how to take everything in my stride.It taught me the power of simplicity and the eloquence of concise language. It taught me how important it was to be selective while making judgments and arguments.

It made me realize that some friendships are for life, and others are not – and that it’s okay for relationships to change when we grow and change ourselves. It made me realize how I value my perceptions about myself more than those of others. It taught me the power context and the need to avoid being judgemental.

Most importantly, it made me step out and confront my fears – and encouraged me to reach for my dreams without any doubt or hesitation.

What the next few months have in store for me I do not know, but I continue to look forward to professional achievements as well as the realization of personal goals while pursuing my PGPB at MISB.


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