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How to Write an Impactful Application?

Writing an impactful application is vital to the admission process at SDA Bocconi Asia Center. This is an opportunity to pitch your purpose to the admissions committee and why they should consider you over other applicants. There must be a seamless flow to your application, and each answer should enhance the idea about your journey toward this course. Your application must be straightforward, well-articulated, and sharply framed. You may use a personal anecdote to explain your inspiration for pursuing the course, as well as your aspirations in the field.  Here are some essential points that must be kept in mind while framing your application.

Q1. Highlight your extra-curricular activities, work achievements if any, interest in Sports and Arts, etc. Include anything that will help us understand your overall profile better.

For this question, you must write about your disciplinary journey, and it must include the name of the degree (s) that you have undertaken as well as the name of the college/university from where you have graduated.

  1. Explain the academic or research projects, internships, leadership roles, etc that you undertook and how they developed your skills.
  2. Make your profile stand out by writing about your accolades in extracurricular activities. If you have any state, national or international level representation, you can write about that in this section.
  3. You can also add about your contributions to the local community to give a sense of your larger commitments and skill set. If there is a gap in your education, explain the interruption well.

For highlighting your work achievements, you must introduce the organization where you are working, what roles you execute, and anecdotes of teamwork. You can substantiate your professional experience with some noteworthy projects that you have been a part of, and if you have made any remarkable contributions. Conclude this paragraph by writing about the skills and learning experience that you have been endowed with by such professional exposure.

Q2. Why do you want to pursue the International Master in Business from SDA Bocconi? What is your key motivation and why?

For this question, elaborate on the reasons why you want to pursue this postgraduate degree as well as why you feel this is the right time for you to advance on such a career pursuit. After this, you must focus on

  • the skills that this degree will offer to you
  • how it will help you embark on the journey of your career goals

You might not have laid out future plans extensively, but the idea is to convey the kind of professions you are looking at so that your current plans are better understood by the school.

You must justify your reasons for choosing this business school. It is good to start writing about some of the highlights of the program that are in tandem with what you are seeking. Writing about some of the positive aspects of the country/city where the school is situated in a brief sense is also encouraged. The idea is to focus on your expectations from the university as well as your potential to contribute to the larger academic as well as extramural ethos.


You need to highlight your preparation for the course and why the school should consider you. It also includes describing the lessons you have taken from overcoming challenges at a personal and professional level as well as summarising your major achievements and connecting them with how your academic, as well as non-academic activities, have shaped your overall personality and prepared you for this course.

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