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How to go about preparing for Bocconi Test?

bocconi test
It’s that time of the year again when you would be contemplating how to go about cracking an entrance test which will land you a place for your higher education. Your mind must be busy with following study schedules, writing notes, trying to stay away from the calculator, solving mock papers, crying over more negative marks than positive scores, self-evaluation, apprehension, nervousness, and at times procrastination. And this may still be not enough for you to feel confident. Yes, we understand, it’s a mess. Bocconi Test (BT), is the one step solution to bring you closer to the life of a Bocconian. Here are a few tricks and tips which will put your agitated mind to ease towards preparing for the BT.
BT is not compulsory, provided you have CAT, GMAT, or GRE scores to submit; but it is highly recommended that you appear for BT as the best scores across these exams shall be considered for your application.

1. Access example questions and full-length papers

We genuinely want you to perform well and hence, we provide you with immense resources which will help you understand the style of BT, the types of questions to expect, and practice papers. We suggest that you go through these resources and get comfortable with the idea of solving, and then actually solving them.

2. Scan through concepts

Once you have an idea of the kind of questions to expect, we advise you to remove the layer of dust that your old academic books have gained. Brush up old concepts and gain conceptual clarity. This is necessary because even the software run test will not be able to evaluate you if there is a lack of understanding of the concepts.

3. Practice and be honest with yourself

It’s time now to fasten the seat belts and tighten your grip on the questions. We believe that this is the correct time to start practising and solving the papers. Yes, we understand there is a feeling to use the calculator or take a sneak peek at your notes, but you need to resist the feeling. Our apologies as neither of the two resources will be made available during the actual paper.

4. No negative marking means less worries

BT is special kind of a test where it not only assesses the candidates’ aptitude but also the potential for future development. And there shouldn’t be anything barring future development. You can take a deep breath and not worry about making a wrong choice of an answer. In case you don’t feel confident about your answer, we recommend, marking the closest option because the computer software will measure your potential instead of giving you minus marks.

5. Evaluate and practice again

Upon finishing the paper and receiving marks, do a self-evaluation and learn from your mistakes. Revise the concepts of those questions where you didn’t feel confident and then take a little break. Do something that relaxes your mind and then come back to attempt another paper.
So, this is it folks! We do believe that you hold the potential, but we are only suggesting ways to harness that potential and grow. Carry out the same process again and again and victory shall be yours. We, at MISB, wish you all the luck for BT.

The above article is written by PGPB5 student Paritosh Agarwal who took the Bocconi Test for his admission. You can reach out to him at pgpb05.48@sdabocconiasiacenter.com


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