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This article is written by Livia Thomas of PGPB5

MISB Bocconi isn’t just about 9-4 classes and guest lectures. We have 6 extremely active and well performing clubs where students learn and practise the field of their choice through various theoretical and practical opportunities presented by the clubs themselves. Here’s what the current members of the six clubs have to say about each:

Consulenza (Consultancy)
We at Consulenza, Consulting club of MISB Bocconi meet every week and discuss the guesstimates, an industry, excel tips, statistics and frame works used by consultants. As a consultant needs to tackle every problem in a very structured way, so the guesstimates and framework discussion help us in preparation of consulting interviews. Our club members also meet every week apart from regular meeting to discuss a case and apply the learning from club activities.For smooth execution certain members are assigned a topic (say industry, frame work) every week and they are responsible to teach it to other members.
Our main objective is to prepare members for interview at consulting firms.

Marketing Club
A typical session of the marketing club starts with a revision of the topics we covered in the previous session followed by discussing new marketing topics allocated for the day. We want our sessions to be as interactive as possible hence we encourage our members to take up topics we provide or come up with a trending marketing topic to discuss in class. PGPB5 has many marketing enthusiasts who want to pursue a career in the S&M domain. In class of 70 we have a total of 47 marketing members. We have a core committee which looks into knowledge sharing topics, PR & Alumni activities, events, online presence, and off course managing all 47 people. We have a very active Facebook page where we update members with every session activity that we do. Our knowledge sharing sessions also have group exercises where we divide the members into groups and give them a task. Our sessions include knowledge sharing sessions, quizzes, mock interviews, group activities, etc

Luxury Club
The Luxury Club serves to educate its members about the luxury industry- concepts, challenges, and opportunities. In every case, class, event, and activity, you will be asked not only to study about the industry, but to demonstrate and challenge yourselves. Spurred on by rising prosperity in the major cities and a power shift in the global luxury market, India’s appetite for luxury goods continues to go from strength to strength. The luxury club aims to discuss the influence of the global economic and financial environment on the various industries within the luxury market- automobile, apparel, electronics, wine, real estate, tourism, watches and accessories.

GenOps (Operations)
MISB GenOps is the General Management and Operations club of MISB, Bocconi. Conceptualized in 2015, it acts as a medium for improving members’ knowledge base in the field of Operations. The group puts continuous efforts to keep themselves updated with latest trends in Supply chain management and Operations by organizing knowledge sharing sessions, guest lectures and case study competitions. The group members gain industry exposure and practical knowledge by taking up various live projects with notable companies.We pride ourselves in having arranged an insightful panel discussion on ‘Omni Channel Operations’ this year, with some great industry experts as the panellists for the event. The group plans to keep conducting such events where members can absorb as much as possible and in the process, be the leaders for tomorrow.

Finance Club
The vision of this club is to make each and every member of our club competitive in the business environment by indulging more with corporate and to take the Finance of MISB Bocconi from Par to Premium. A few of the many activities held at club meetings include:

1. We cover topics in finance at competitive levels which include CFA Level learning
2. We make sure that each and every member does an analysis of at least two business sectors and and gives a presentation of the same as per schedule. This is followed by recommendation of the member to invest in equity stocks (of companies under his/her concerned sectors) on a virtual investing platform up to Rs. 1 Crore
3. We have an active blog on which we float information and analysis on a business scenario or anything related to finance

Social Club
The Social Club as a community aims at awakening the social responsibility in the future business leaders beyond the traditional academic endeavours of college. Our missions is to contribute and serve our community in any way possible. We started this club with a simple belief that students are the pillars of any economy with limitless potential to create wonders regardless of one’s background. As part of our activities we assist non-profit organisations while providing our students an opportunity to get hands on experience. We also focus on the overall development of our club members

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