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At The End Of The First Trimester At MISB Bocconi One Feels….

PGPB Class 2016-19

This article is written by PGPB5 student Arko Biswas

Alongside the long Diwali weekend, the first trimester at MISB Bocconi also came to an end last week. It was 4 months of new introductions and experiences as I began my journey. It has been quite a start, as someone from a conservative Mumbai College it has been quite a journey.

The first thing that appealed to me about my class at MISB was the remarkable diversity that had been assembled for the 5th PGPB batch. I got the opportunity to meet colleagues from almost every state in India. This has played a significant role in broadening my worldview. I have never lived outside of Mumbai before and it was quite a thrill to meet people different states and backgrounds. This was also probably the first time when I hung out with a group where every individual was from a different state and had their unique sense of humor and eccentricities. This impact this exposure had on me cannot be understated.

Academically, MISB has been a period of adaptation and great exposure. Having spent most of my life in the typically mechanical learning based Indian education system MISB has been a welcome change in pace. Meeting professors that genuinely care about the learning process their students go through and get involved in our lives by providing a personal touch. For instance, almost every professor has shared with us details of their families and personal lives, sometimes in the span of a few weeks we develop a bond deep enough for them to share stories about their children and insightful tales of their career experiences. In fact, at MISB we are even encouraged to invite our professors out for drinks on the weekends. This unique relationship that we develop with our professors is one of the reasons why MISB has been so academically enriching.

These few months at MISB have also been instrumental in changing my opinion of myself, coming into the course I was young graduate full of self-belief and a know it all attitude. However spending time with my new colleagues and professors has been eye-opening. It has been a humbling experience as I have come to realize the caliber of competition that I will have to face as I step into the market after my MBA. Facing my first intensive day of interviews and group discussions, competing with classmates who pushed me to be the best has been one of the highlights of the last few months.

Additionally, the best thing about studying and working at MISB has been the batch size. As a result of which we have become a close-knit group. I have learned about solidarity and facing challenges as a unit. Every time a colleague wins a competition or lands a good internship I believe we all feel proud together. We are quick to share opportunities with each other and help each other out. Even the administration and career development services are able to give personal attention to almost every student, which will make a huge difference in the long run.

In summation, the first trimester at MISB has been a wholesome ride. Combining the hectic life of an MBA program with the growth experience of making new friends and forging bonds with our professors, its had been a start of changing opinions and broadening horizons. A solid bedrock has been laid for the program ahead as we as a class work to better ourselves and eventually step out into the world as proud Bocconians.

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