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Prof. Andreina Mandelli

Director/Coordinator for Internet, Social Media and Mobile for Corporate and Marketing Communication
SDA Bocconi Professor of Marketing

Degree in Philosophy, University of Milan, 1983.
Ph.D. in Mass Communication, Indiana University (Bloomington, USA), 1998.

Curriculum Vitae

Andreina Mandelli has been, since 1995, professor of Communication and marketing at SDA Bocconi. She is also an adjunct professor at USI Lugano (CH) and IE Madrid (ES). Mandelli holds an MBA (with high honors) from Bocconi University and a Ph.D. in Mass Communication from Indiana University, Bloomington (IN, USA). She teaches Digital communication, Digital marketing, and consumer behavior, and was prized with the “Best graduate teacher” award in 2008 at Bocconi University.
Mandelli is active in research at the international level. She collaborated with founding two global research networks: the World Internet Project, and the Business Information technology Study. In relation with these projects, she has research affiliations with the Center for Digital Future at USC, Los Angeles and the Anderson school of management at UCLA, Los Angeles.
Based on her research findings Mandelli published 8 books and several journal articles.

Research Interests

  • Innovation in communication and marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media metrics
  • Online reputation
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Markets as networks
  • Service networks



  • 2009 (coauthor) “Consumers involvement in organizations in the era of social media: open research questions”. In Cardoso, G. and Angus Cheong, Jeffrey Cole (eds) World Wide Internet Book, University of Macau Publishing
  • 2009 (coauthor) Destination Networks in Heritage Tourism: The “Albergo Diffuso” Formula in Karmarkar, U. and Vandal, M. (eds.) UCLA Anderson Business Information Technology (BIT) Project, The global Study of Business Practice World Scientific Publishing
  • 2008 (coauthor) Markets as Mediated Conversations. In Benoit-Barné et al. (eds.) What is an Organization? Materiality, Agency, and Discourse. University of Montreal. Montreal
  • 2007. Consumer Knowledge, Social Sensemaking and Negotiated Brand Identity. In In McInerney, C. R. and Ron Day (eds.), Rethinking Knowledge Management. Kluwer/Springer. Berlin
  • 2007 (coauthor) Firms and the Digital Technology in Italy. In Karmarkar, U.; Mangal, V. (eds.) The Business and Information Technologies (Bit) Project: A Global Study of Business Practice. World Scientific Publishing Company.
  • 2006 (coauthor) Interactive marketing, PeraGO & Croatian University Press, Zagreb
  • 2003 Exploring the Origins of New Transaction Costs in Connected Societies. In Huotari M. and Iivonen M. (eds.) Trust in Knowledge Management and Systems in Organizations. Idea Publishing Group.
  • 2003 Self-organization and new hierarchies in complex evolutionary value networks. In Huotari M. and Iivonen M. (eds.) Trust in Knowledge Management and Systems in Organizations. Idea Publishing Group.
  • 1998 Internet Marketing, McGraw Hill Milano
  • 1997 (Coauthor) Setting the agenda for cross-national research: bringing values into the concept, In M. McCombs, D. Shaw and D. Weaver (a cura di), Communication and Democracy ; Exploring the Intellectual Frontiers in Agenda-Setting Theory, Erlbaum, New York, 195-209


  • 2008 Consumer Involvement in Organizations in the “organization as communication” Perspective: a Multidisciplinary Research Agenda. OBS Journal, 6 (2008), 111-119
  • 2005 Email, pop-ups and advertainment: proposing a value perspective for online advertising. International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising. Vol. 2, No. 1/2, 2005
  • 2002 Bounded Sociability, Relationship Costs and Intangible Resources in Complex Digital Networks. IT & Society. Issue 1, vol. 1

Other Relevant Information

For any additional information please visit http://www.sdabocconi.it/en/faculty/mandelli-andreina