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Marco Merelli




Marco Merelli is a Senior Lecturer of Economic Prospects, a Contract Professor and Course Director of Economic Prospects at Università Bocconi for the Master of Science in Management. His collaboration with SDA Bocconi began in 1995

He teaches economics and economic prospects in the EMBA, EMBAS, EMBAWE and MPA Masters. He has conducted research and education projects for leading multinational companies, public administrations and partner universities. He was the Deputy Director of the Economics Department from 2002 to 2006. At Università Bocconi, he is also the Program Coordinator of the Specialized Master in Economics and Management of Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure (MEMIT).

His research interests focus on international economic scenarios, economic policies and economic geography.

He is the editor of several Italian editions of economic textbooks. His latest publications include the Italian editions of N. Gregory Mankiw and Mark P. Taylor’s , “Principles of Economics”, Zanichelli and the third Italian edition of P. Krugman and R. Wells’ “Essentials of Economics”, Zanichelli

Marco earned a degree in Economics with a specialization in International Economics from Università Bocconi and attended an ITP (International Teachers Programme) at Manchester Business School.

Latest Publications

L’essenziale di Economia (Krugman Paul, Wells Robin)
2018, Zanichelli, Italy


Principi di microeconomia (Mankiw N. Gregory. Taylor Mark P.)
2018, Zanichelli, Italy


Macroeconomia: comprendere l’economia globale (David Miles, Andrew Scott, Francis Breedon)
2013, Zanichelli, Italy
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