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International Program in Arts Management

Asia is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing economies and it is characterized by a rich cultural heritage. This represents a huge opportunity for the development of the social, economic and human capital.

The International Program in Arts Management (IPAM) is a specialized program designed for practitioners and students from all over the world with a specific interest in the Asian art and cultural environment but open to learning about the international best practices. IPAM aims to support artistic innovation and cultural development worldwide, by strengthening the leadership and management skills required for prospering in an arts organization through conceptual learning and practical exposure. IPAM is realized in collaboration with MMIAM, the Master in International Arts Management, in partnership with SMU and HEC Montréal

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    Program Overview
    • Starting May 03, 2022 | 6 weeks + 2 month Internship/ Secondment
    • Get a Certificate from SDA Bocconi School of Management, Italy
    • Learn from SDA Bocconi’s world class faculty as well as international renowned professionals and academics
    • Get access to MMIAM Program with credits*
    • Limited Scholarships and tuition waivers available on merit
    • International exposure and stimulating study environment; 2 Countries : 6 Cities
    • First-hand learning through interaction with the industry experts and professionals

    Being arts manager nowadays means being able to relate to the hedonistic consumption and people’s emotional tastes, dealing with artists creativity and operating in a very peculiar market (audience and sponsors), very competitive and unstable.

    Being an arts manager, therefore, requires developing a substantial amount of skills, resilience and the right balance of sense and sensibility in order to respect the ultimate goal of enjoying the artwork and creating pleasure to people, keeping in mind the framework of efficiency, effectiveness, and economy.

    IPAM is the right choice for people with a strong passion for the arts, willing to gain managerial education and become an arts manager.


    Director of International Program in Arts Management – IPAM

    The IPAM course is an incredibly enriching experience for the arts manager who is keen to apply their own experience to understand cultural management in different countries and contexts. It offers a curated and carefully guided experience that provides insight into local issues, systems, and processes, and helps lay the foundation for potential networks internationally.
    Dipti Rao | Director Projects – ART X Company | Class 2019


    • Young high potentials, graduated in the humanities, already working in the field of arts with intermittent occupations.
    • Working as Junior and middle positions in public sector organizations or consulting firms dedicated to the arts (I.e.: museums, theatres, festivals, art events organizers).
    • Specialized professionals (e.g. artists) who want to take up management positions in the arts sector.
    • Can be cultural entrepreneurs.


    6 Weeks Program + 2 Months Internship
    – Mumbai
    – Hampi – Benagluru
    – Jaipur – New Delhi
    – Milan

    Program Fee

    8 Lakhs + GST

    For queries write to us at a.mehrotra@sdabocconiasiacenter.com | Contact +91 75063 11223

    Program Structure

    The program is organised in 5 modules. The first 4 modules are dedicated to the traditional in-class learning, with extensive exposure to guest lectures, professional speakers and class discussions. The last module (the fifth) will be focused on the application of the skills developed in class and will include the development of an individual project or an internship in one of the host institutions.

    Internship and final project

    June – September, 2022

    • Gain knowledge of management consulting practices.
    • Improve ability to define key issues and challenges faced by non-profit and public sector organizations.
    • Develop a strategic thinking approach to enhance innovation and change management within organizations.
    • Learn, practice, and apply client engagement skills and project management techniques to actual clients as part of a field-consulting project.
    • Enhance presentation and public-speaking skills.
    • Gaining a sound knowledge of how performing arts organizations work, focusing on the interplay between managerial and curatorial/artistic work
    • Relevant insights into issues and challenges that the performing arts community is facing
    • Gaining professional experience through field visits designed to enhance the ability to move into the professional positions
    • Gaining a sound knowledge of how performing arts organizations work, focusing on the interplay between managerial and curatorial/artistic work;
    • Relevant insights into issues and challenges that the performing arts community is facing;
    • Gaining professional experience through field visits designed to enhance the ability to move into the professional positions.
    • Gaining knowledge of management of cultural heritage
    • Understanding the main issues and opportunities in the management of heritage
    • Gaining professional experience and perspective through field experiences designed to enhance the ability of taking up into professional positions
    Tuition Waivers and Scholarships

    SDA Bocconi made available 25% merit-based tuition waivers & Scholarships to IPAM candidates with outstanding profiles. Tuition waivers are awarded on the basis of merit to candidates with an outstanding profile. Admission to the program is independent of the awarding of any scholarship or tuition waiver.


    Sangita Jindal, Chairperson – JSW Foundation

    “Arts and culture organizations are critical for the development of individuals and societies. It is of utmost importance to support the growth and sustainability of such organizations through skilled professionals, making sure that the effective conservation of heritage and production of art is paired with accessibility and outreach, to increase the their impact and enlarge their audiences. IPAM represents an opportunity for young professionals and cultural institutions to gain specific skills and competencies in the management of the arts.”

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    The Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum is the oldest museum in Mumbai. Since 2005, the Museum has revitalised the cultural outlook of the city. We are focused on cultural education and skill development, through our historical and contemporary exhibitions, programming, courses, workshops and internship opportunities. As a step further in this direction, we are happy to collaborate with the SDA Bocconi School of Management, Milan, for the International Programme in Arts Management. IPAM addresses an urgent need for training in this field in India, as a programme specially designed for Arts Management.

    Tasneem Zakaria Mehta
    Honorary Director and Managing Trustee, Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

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