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You can sing Piaf when you are 18 but you will interpret it better if you have a certain life experience

MISB-AlumniThe news of Bocconi coming to India was enough for my neurons to start working extra hours. I still remember that day when I called up Ms. Nidhi Rawool (Admissions Team at MISB Bocconi) and asked her if it was the same Bocconi that I knew of. The very second day I planned a visit. I had a very animated conversation with Mr. Bruno Mariani (COO, MISB Bocconi) during my visit and I was convinced that the turn I am about to take would lead me to where I wanted to go.

I was already considering a foreign MBA degree. I researched on the US universities and some European and British Universities. Somehow even then, Bocconi always managed to find a place in my shortlist. So I wasted no time and did my best to submit my application at the earliest with Bocconi India. I was interviewed by Mr. Stefano Caselli, the Vice Rector of Bocconi University, Milan, Italy. A week later I found a place in Post Graduate Program in Business (PGPB1) in Mumbai.
What I like about the program is that it is well structured and every area of business has been given due importance. It even includes study of new economy subjects such asvaluation of e-commerce and start-up companies in corporate finance and study of digital market and customer engagement through social media analytics in marketing. The professors at MISB Bocconi- I must confess are truly world class. I studied Macro Economics from someone who was advising European Central Bank on European bailout. Rob Grant’s classes on strategy were thoroughly enjoyable (for those who don’t know he is considered next to Michael Porter in the world of strategy)

The one thing that I learnt and that I think is above all (academics, placements and salaries etc) is to build a positive attitude. It is of utmost importance to build a formidable attitude that would help you to become a successful manager. Please understand the
businesses have become dynamic, complicated and competitive. Companies are struggling to maintain margins, to increase market share and facing stiff competition to explore newer value trajectories. Please read why companies like GE had to shut down its financial services business. Understand why net neutrality has suddenly become talk of the town. In this ever become complex world, your right attitude only would take you ahead (and not a discussion on who is getting 12 lac p.a or 15 lac p.a…. Don’t even waste time thinking about your placements). According to me life is the biggest average. Only rights skills and attitude would keep you ahead in the game. Bocconi would give you both. So good luck!

What I wrote at the top must have intrigued a few and I am sure you would like to know what I meant. In my context, the way I thought, the value systems I believed back in 2012 have vastly changed and I believe I am a completely different person now. An MBA would have helped but PGPB at Bocconi India helped me to explore the new ‘me’.

Most of the time I have been asked by aspirants, friends and relatives that what has Bocconi given me. Here is my answer – In history I read how great rivers (The River Nile and The Ganges) gave birth to the greatest civilizations. I had somewhat similar experience at Bocconi ☺ I wish all the future students best of luck and I wish Bocconi to continue to enrich our lives.

Written by Manish Kumar Pathak

Current: Generali Investments Asia Ltd, Hong Kong (part of Assicurazioni Generali). Manish is a part of Portfolio Management Team that manages Fixed Income Investments in Asia (Rates, Currencies and Credits) Prior to PGPB From MISB Bocconi in 2014, Manish worked with boutique Investment Bank as Equity Sales Manager (Foreign Institutional Investors Group) and managed clients from Hong Kong and Singapore.

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