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Women at MISB Bocconi: An Organizational Imperative











A growing body of evidence continues to point to the value of women in business. And yet a recent report by the Harvard Business Review points to an incongruent lack of representation by women — both students and faculty — at many international business schools. We believe strongly in the case for gender diversity at MISB Bocconi, and have established bridging this gap as an organizational imperative.

Let’s take a closer look at the current state of women in business in India, at MISB Bocconi, and what we’re doing to make equality a reality.

The Case for Women

A recent report from global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company reveals that gender equality is more than a social concern, but also a critical factor in global growth. How much so? McKinsey research suggests that achieving parity has the potential to add a whopping $12 trillion to the global economy. With the fastest projected incremental GDP growth in the world, India is uniquely positioned to lead the pack when it comes to fueling the economy by adding more women to the workforce.

However, India also faces unique challenges when it comes to promoting gender equality. In fact, a recent study from Catalyst, the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to creating more inclusive workplaces, reveals that while top-level women in India’s high-powered technology sector may actually begin their careers at levels equivalent to men, they advance less quickly and earn less over time.

Shachi Irde, Catalyst India WRC’s Executive Director asserts, “In India’s growing economy, with high job mobility and the corresponding high demand for talent, organizations must do everything they can to attract and retain women—who, the study shows, are amongst their most committed employees. Ensuring pay equity, equal access to developmental opportunities, and flexible and inclusive environments for women is critical for retaining talent in India’s technology sector.”

Aiming for Diversity at MISB Bocconi

If you’ve read any of our application materials or blogs, you’re likely already aware that diversity is critical at MISB Bocconi. In our quest to foster a class with a global frame of reference and accordingly rich perspective, we strive to welcome students from many different backgrounds. We believe that women are a very important part of reaching that goal.

Currently, women make up approximately 30 percent of each PGPB class, and are also well-represented on our faculty. However, we know we can do better, and we are constantly striving to add more women to our community of thought leaders. In doing so, we believe we can position India for even greater success on the global stage.



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