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Why India, Why Now?



While globalisation is an overriding imperative in today’s increasingly borderless international marketplace, analysts are predicting that we’re heading into an “Indian Century.” What does this mean for enterprising business students? That there’s no better place to take in the view — and to become part of the action — than at MISB Bocconi.

India’s Education Ascent

Not only is India an emerging economic superpower, but it’s also home to the world’s third largest higher education system, behind only the U.S. and China. Thanks in great part to the government’s commitment towards supporting the country’s position on the global stage, its programmes are quickly growing in international repute.

While India’s higher-ed institutions offer a breadth and depth in fields of studies, aspiring business students may have the most to gain in this dynamic setting. Why? Because with the country at crossroads, it will need exceptional leaders not only to embrace the challenges ahead, but also to leverage them into opportunities. The PGPB at MISB Bocconi gives students the requisite business foundation along with the tools to apply this knowledge to real-world problems.

Additionally, multinational companies all over the world will be looking for managers with an understanding not only of the global business climate, but of Indian culture, in particular. An Indian MBA at this particularly relevant time in history also means sought-after standing with today’s international employers.

Why MISB Bocconi?

MISB Bocconi’s central location in the Indian metropolis of Mumbai; affiliation with prominent Italian school of management SDA Bocconi as well as with other global institutions from all over the world; eminent faculty and staff; and carefully cultivated curriculum make it a standout among India’s top MBA programmes.

But while insight into the Indian viewpoint is critical, so is exposure to other landscapes and cultures. MISB Bocconi offers students a unique “best of both worlds” experience in the form of exchange programmes — both at SDA Bocconi as well as other key business markets.

Globally, India’s perception as the first country to come to mind when considering a quality b-school education is swiftly changing for the better. Want to jumpstart your career prospects? MISB Bocconi offers an incomparable inside edge for today’s outward-facing business students.


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