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Why I Enjoy MISB Bocconi?

Written by Livia Thomas, PGPB Candidate 2018
M – Metamorphosis

As cheesy as that sounds, you do end up leaving this school as a much more mature and experienced person of character. The classes, students, faculty, live projects, and internship teach you so many good and bad things – they greatly accelerate the process of making you, the BEST of you.

I – Involved

One may complain that the school is so tiny – one floor, I mean for the love of God I can easily order for my lunch from the canteen by just yelling from the reception (wouldn’t recommend the yelling, though). The point is because the school is so small, the individual attention that each student gets to better their performance and help them do their best is a LOT more than what any other MBA college can give. Everyone is so involved in only nurturing your wonderful selves but not in the annoying Anu aunty way.

S – Space

While this might counter the smallness point above, I’m not talking about the physical aspect. The faculty and management give you space and time to figure out what you want exactly from your career life. They sit down with you, ask you your interests, show you the range of opportunities in the world in the before mentioned interests, help you decide what you want to do and it doesn’t stop there. They give you contacts and networks whom you can connect with to build your career path and so much more! As and when you require them, they are THERE FOR YOU.

B –Blended

I get to meet people from almost 20 states in India everyday. I get to interact with them, understand the cultural similarities and differences, work with the varied backgrounds and build a strong bond with them. I’m only in my first year and I have already had such a great experience with my classmates, it upsets me to even think of leaving this place in another year. The concept of ‘friends group’ where different combinations of students get to work with each other in groups for the daily assignments and projects really help you build qualities and skills of being able to adjust and work with anyone with ease, patience, and open-mindedness. The mix here is just great!

Bocconi –

Last but definitely not the least, I am studying under the parent name of Bocconi, 10th in the world for business and management studies by QS World University Rankings and SDA Bocconi which is the 25th best MBA program in the world according to Financial Times and has triple crown accreditation – AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA . The faculty is VERY knowledgeable and so learned in their own fields, they inspire you to reach their level of awesomeness and help you with it too! At the end of the programme, you get a Diploma in International Business by SDA Bocconi which is incredible.

I think I’ve made my point. ☺

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