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What Constitutes A Strong PGPB Application?



At MISB Bocconi, we’re always on the lookout for future business leaders. And contrary to popular misunderstanding, there’s no cut-and-dry formula used to determine which students we invite to become part of our community. In fact, it’s quite the opposite: With diversity the increasing imperative in the contemporary business landscape, we consider a number of dynamic factors when evaluating applications. Still, a few things do stand out to us when evaluating applications.

Let’s take a look at three things that rise above the rest.

  1. Academic Consistency

Your academic background is a significant indicator of how you’ll perform — both in the PGPB and in the business world. But while a solid foundation, top grades and terrific test scores are ways to demonstrate your potential as a candidate, they’re not the only ways. Have you taken on leadership roles throughout your academic career and/or received rave reviews from faculty? These strengthen your application by pointing toward your leadership potential.

Also, keep in mind that a weakness in one area doesn’t mean certain rejection. Because our profile-based admissions process looks at the “big picture,” weak test scores or a poor grade in one class can be offset by a strong record in other areas.

  1. Well-Prepared Essay Questions

While essay questions test your writing skills, they tell us far more than whether you have a solid grasp on basic things like sentence structure, grammar, essay form, and proofreading. The essay is a chance for you to transform an average application into an extraordinary one. How?

By taking the time to show us what makes you stand out from the crowd. We encourage you to be original, authentic, and thoughtful when preparing your essay responses. They’re much more than a formality; they’re a meaningful factor in the admissions process.

  1. An Excellent Interview

Getting an interview is a great news — it means you’ve made it past the initial cut. However, your work isn’t quite done yet. The interview is yet another way to make an impression on us. During interviews, we’re particularly looking for candidates who exhibit a combination of academic background, personality, relational skills, and verbal communication abilities. The interview also offers you the opportunity to share with us any relevant information that didn’t make it into your application, such as compelling extracurricular and/or co-curricular activities. Again, keep in mind that we’re looking for well-rounded candidates who have something unique to offer our community.

Because our PGPB class sizes are small, finding the right people is a critical part of our admissions mission. The above three criteria help us look beneath the surface to assemble a class comprising far more than the next group of PGPB students, but rather the next generation of global business innovators. Are you among them?

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