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Things to Keep In Mind Before Submitting Your PGPB Application.

PGPB-ApplicationWe’ve all been there: hand hovering over the mouse, pointer finger at the ready, “Submit” button within reach. Whether you’re at this pivotal point or just starting to think about applying to MISB Bocconi, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind before clicking that fateful button to send your PGPB application spiraling through the internet to us here at MISB.

  1. Give It Your All

The quality of your application can make or break your candidacy for admission to the PGPB. After all, you can be the most promising candidate in the world, but if your application fails to convey that promise, we have no way of knowing.

While filling out a yet another school application may not be your idea of a good time, putting in the effort is a critical part of the process. Take a minute to consider whether your application is accurate, thorough, and says everything you want it to say in the way you want to say it. Did you proofread? Have you checked and double-checked all dates and deadlines? All of these pieces add up to a complete and compelling application. You should strive for nothing less.

  1. Know Your Options

By now we hope you’re aware that we don’t view you as a set of test scores but as a holistic candidate. This means that we use all of the components of your application to derive a profile-based, “big picture” view of you as a candidate. Because of our commitment to diversity, we have built flexibility about tests and test scores into the decision process.

In addition to accepting CAT, GMAT, GRE scores, we also offer our internal Bocconi Entrance Test (BET). While the latter is not a requirement, we strongly urge applicants to consider taking it. Why? Because our admissions process factors in your best test scores. In other words, whether you take the BET prior to or following another test, doing so increases your chances of getting into the PGPB because it gives you another chance to rack up an admissions-worthy result.

In either case, you can submit your application first, then follow up later by reporting your test scores. However, your application will not be evaluated until we receive them.

  1. Be Early, Stay Organized

We encourage you to apply early to the PGPB, as doing so can help you better position yourself for admissions success. But did you know that you can submit your application even if you don’t yet have all of your documentation? While some materials are required at the time of submission, others can be added at a later date and/or brought along to your personal interview.

Please note that your essay responses, which you will receive after submitting your application, must be compiled prior to the interview.

Congratulations on getting this far on your journey toward joining the PGPB at MISB Bocconi. We look forward to reviewing your application and learning more about your potential to make a contribution within our extraordinary community.

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