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The PGPB classroom experience and how it develops you

In a world in which all business school experiences are not created equally, the PGPB at MISB Bocconi offers students a cutting edge curriculum aimed at giving them the tools to survive and thrive in the 21st century global business landscape. But what distinguishes our program from the other options available to today’s candidates?

Let’s take a closer look at how time spent in our PGPB classrooms fosters the development of tomorrow’s thought leaders and business innovators.

Learning From the Best


Bocconi’s more than 110-year legacy is characterized by a commitment to delivering a high-quality business and economics education. At the forefront of its stellar reputation is an extraordinary and distinctive international faculty comprising the best and brightest in their fields. PGPB students gain access to these luminaries through a carefully cultivated mix of lectures, activities and projects — all of which add up to inimitable opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Factor in additional interactions with executive guest speakers; integrated, hands-on activities supported by the Career Development Service; a breadth and depth of student clubs, and the opportunities to come together, connect and collaborate are beyond compare. The result? Takeaways not constrained by mere academics, but also including a more well-rounded understanding of how the backgrounds, values, and experiences of friends, classmates and professors impact business insights.

Beyond “Hard” Skills

In addition to our esteemed faculty, we also offer students the inside edge when it comes to developing the invaluable “soft skills” which are increasingly sought after by today’s employers. In addition to a thorough understanding of business and economics, this means the ability to think both critically and creatively, as well as to communicate verbally and in writing. Classes like Advanced Oral Communication, Recruitment Communication, and Written Analysis and Communication remain integral components in our curriculum.

The goal? Not just to imbue students with knowledge of the contemporary business world, but also with the expertise, ingenuity, courage, and confidence to navigate their career in the most effective way.

Ultimately, the PGPB doesn’t just churn out managers; rather, our aim is to prepare students to take on leadership roles in today’s multi-cultural corporate world. We’re delighted to show off our multi-talented students every year at MISB Bocconi & Jobs, which is an exclusive occasion during which major employers meet with students to recruit them for final placements.

What have they come to expect from PGPB students? Workers with a rare combination of business experience, international exposure and cultural awareness — exactly the kind of leaders needed to steer today’s companies (established and startups alike) to ongoing success.

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