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Sundowner With Startups: MISB Bocconi and Entrepreneurship in Powai



Is MISB Bocconi to Powai what Stanford GSB is to Silicon Valley? Perhaps not yet, but we’re well on our way. With the VC-dubbed “Powai Valley” quickly emerging as an epicenter of startup action in India, and with IIT Bombay as our illustrious neighbour, MISB Bocconi is positioning itself to help lead the way for the startups of today and tomorrow. Just one example of our commitment to nurturing the startup ecosystem and entrepreneurial mindset on our campus and in the community at large? Our recent event: Sundowner with Startups in Powai Valley.

Aggregating Innovation

While all startups face many of the same opportunities and challenges, they’re not created equal. Sundowner with Startups in Powai Valley gathered together founders and key members of half a dozen startups from different industries and varied models, including Fynd co-founder Harsh Shah, DoorMint co-founder Naman Lahoty, BOHECO co-founder Jahan Peston Jamas, Bizongo co-founder Ankit Tomar, and serial entrepreneur Sumit Chazed.

The goal of gathering all of these innovators in one place? To foster a forum through which these innovators could connect with MISB Bocconi students and share their experiences across the many aspects of planning, growth, scale and culture of their startups. In particular, each startup elaborated on one of six critical topics: Fundraising, Team Building, B2B sales, B2C Marketing, Growth Hacking, Pivots, and Exit strategies.

Letting the Minds Talk

When you bring together so much entrepreneurial initiative, who knows where it will lead? Moderated by MISB Bocconi Professor of Entrepreneurship and Business Planning Mikkel Draebye, Sundowner with Startups in Powai Valley’s “Let the Minds Talk” Q&A panel opened a rich dialogue between participating companies and MISB Bocconi students about “The Ecosystem for Startups and Acquisition of Resources in India,” and covered everything from the logistics involved with getting a startup up and running and successful exit strategies to “life saving tips for startups” and the  “dark side of being an entrepreneur.”

One invaluable takeaway upon which all panelists agreed? For a startup to survive in India’s competitive environment, its products and services must not only be disruptive but also backed by a viable and visionary business model.

The evening concluded with students getting a chance to engage with the entrepreneurs during an informal, interactive session.

With Mumbai already well-known as a hub of business and finance in India, Powai Valley is uniquely positioned to play a critical role in India’s startup culture. MISB Bocconi, our renowned faculty, and premier students look forward to being an essential part of it all. If your business goals are of the entrepreneurial ilk, there’s no better place in India to be right now than Mumbai and MISB.



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