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Student Diaries – The Cocktail in Class


A PGPB cannot just be about academics. If it is, you are doing it all wrong. I wanted my PGPB to make me a good manager, and this cannot be taught only by theory. I needed to know the practical application of whatever I learnt. The best way to do this while doing my PGPB was to become a class representative; a daily dose of management as a student.

A class representative (CR) is a person who acts as a link between the class and the college management. In short I have to deal with 57 opinions, gather consensus and take it to the management and negotiate with them for the class. At the same time, the rules or notices by the management have to be made accepted by the students. Hence, the cocktail.

Let me elaborate on my Cocktail journey between the management and the class at MISB!

I stood in the internal class elections for becoming the CR along with three other colleagues. Through a democratic voting, I was selected. Everything was perfect; my Post Graduation started as I wanted!

It all started with a bang, a series of responsibilities started to come on my shoulders. From maintaining attendance to having heated case study group discussions, juggling between friends, groups; management and personal commitments were now integral to my life. I was everybody’s go-to person.

Being a CR is equivalent to being a cocktail. You are a mix of decisions and suggestions flowing from your class and the management which are the main ingredients of this cocktail. You need to be the perfect blend of both.

There is no doubt in the fact that the subjects I’ve learnt so far have helped in this journey as a CR. Marketing groomed my negotiation skills to get people to listen to me, which is of utmost importance. Organizational Design and Behavior helped me in dividing the classes into groups, structuring the group format and pooling in the competencies of all students in an equitable manner. Managerial Accounting made me a better accountant; I kept a solid account of the class funds and knew where to spend how much. However, Human Resource Management taught me the most important life skill, to deal with opinionated people and find a common way.

Being an autocratic leader is the easiest but the worst thing to do. Being a democratic leader is difficult, but the best way manage. Hence being a CR is my journey of being a democratic leader, a good manager and a loved classmate.

There are so many twists that a little of either of the ingredients can ruin the cocktail. It has been delicious and addictive so far, and I hope it gets me as drunk as possible (On knowledge you guys! Haha)


Shradha Varma is a PGPB4 student and the Class Representative. 


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