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Student Diaries: Shradha Varma’s Internship Experience with Vodafone



All of us dream of perfect summer internships from our perfect B-Schools. However, once you have such an internship in hand (with a handsome stipend), you also want it to be in your home town so you can save on the uncalled expenses and get ‘GharkaKhaana’, ‘Mummy kaPyaar’ so that the ‘Boss kiJhaad’ is dealt with!

I am a proud intern at Vodafone, Kolkata – which happens to be my hometown as well. Having finished my induction and gearing up for the upcoming days of field work, in less than two days I am thrilled by the treatment the company has offered. Since we are 4 interns(girls) here in the Kolkata circle, we were greeted with a bouquet, and a lengthy induction day 1 with various functional and business heads. Oh, our Business circle head is a man with a fantastic personality, and here is a thought he left us with:

The reason for most divorces nowadays is that even after marriage, people do not stop searching. That is one reason they are never satisfied or do not value the things they have. Their thirst for ‘better’ is never quenched, and that is why they do not value things even after having them.Give things time. It is not just the people but also the job you do or the things you want. Everything will make sense later. Be patient. They WILL work out.“

ShraddhaShraddhaLittle do we understand these things, in just two days, we know quite a bit about ‘call drops,’ ‘Postpaid vs. Prepaid,’ ‘Churning and Attritions’ and amidst all this, our HR leaves us in awe by his gestures. We were given a goody bag along with our project details, which certainly reflected that ‘Here is your lollypop, eat it and start working.’ On a lighter note, I understood that for Vodafone, ‘Done is better than Perfect.’ My project here is extremely interesting and challenging since it incorporates Marketing Operations and ground level sales analysis. This is something I have never done before, and I think that this is the right opportunity for me to showcase my abilities and make the most out of this learning experience. I am ready to bring energy to the table and am curious to learn. Wish me luck !J


The author is  PGPB4 Student Shradha Varma, who is interning with Vodafone.

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