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Student Diaries: Internship Experience at SOL Italia

PGPB4 Students Sunil Jayakumar and Yeshwanth Bangaru in Italy For Thier Summer Internship


Ciao..!! Taking care of an Intern shows how good the company is and their culture. I’m happy and lucky in that way.

A perfect flight booked by the company for us from Bangalore to Italy (Emirates) made us feel great. My experience with SOL Group in Monza, Italy (loving every minute of it) is more incredible than anything I could have ever imagined. I had no expectations upon arriving in Italy and soon found myself falling in love with this city and its people. A car to pick us up from the airport to a perfectly arranged accommodation.

It’s such a fun experience to be fully immersed in an international business environment.The opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people has been invaluable. The internship is testing me and is challenging me in ways I have never imagined.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in such a dynamic and fast-paced environment, surrounded by brilliant and inspiring people. Being immersed in a beautifully different culture is helping me learn about myself and others, and all of the similarities we share despite being from two diverse countries of the world.  I learned so much about the cross-cultural applicability of my work and was able to find out more about my field, in ways I could never have without this experience. I have a deeper appreciation for my culture and a great appreciation for my host culture as well.

I’m creating countless memories and new friends and overcoming the challenges of navigating a foreign country, and I know this is just the beginning of many incredible experiences.

Monza, Italy is truly a beautiful city filled with wonderful food, parks, artisan and food markets, endless cafes to linger around, and let me mention, more FOOD! Be careful of how much Pasta e Fagioli, Neapolitan pizza or Tiramisu you eat because I’m surely going to gain a few pounds before leaving Italy.

Last but not the least, One thing for sure that I will learn good level of Italian language before I leave this place


This testimonial piece is written by Sunil Jayakumar, PGPB4 Student who is doing his Summer Internship with Sol Italia


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