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Starting my IMB Journey

I started my IMB journey at SDA Bocconi Asia Center in July after clearing the admission process in the first round itself. The time gap in between gave me enough time to contemplate my decision. I have been born and brought up in Ahmedabad and have had very limited connections with people outside Gujarat. However, I started interacting with my fellow colleagues from the very beginning. The diverse background of the students made it a very overwhelming experience to start with, considering their age and spectrum of experience. I found myself in a crowd of people who were exceptionally talented and highly motivated to achieve something in their lives. Having a peer group of such talented individuals gave me the confidence that I would require to transform myself into the best version of myself in the coming 2 years.

Any management program demands immeasurable hours of studies, sleepless nights and not to mention undeterred dedication but our institute made sure that they prepared us for what was to come with the help of various workshops. These workshops were designed for us to get accustomed to and have basic knowledge of the courses. This was possible because the school acknowledged the fact that all the students are from various backgrounds and everyone stands differently. Market research, idea generation, and accounting were some of the workshops conducted among others that helped lay a foundation for us to start our studies upon. Only after ensuring that the students have the basic knowledge did the institute go ahead with the core subjects of the curriculum.

Despite the online platform of studying due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I made a lot of friends and we studied together on video calls. We spoke not only about our cultures, but I also extremely enjoyed learning about the different lifestyles of people. We had myriad guest lectures from the start, covering different domains, ranging from sales, marketing, operations, and supply chain management which were led by top leaders from the industry. They tried to give us an insight into these domains to help us better understand the scope of the current job market.

During these lectures, many activities were conducted to break the ice among the students and help them get acquainted with each other well. This was followed by various committee selections which demanded hard work and dedication and it was my privilege to get into the Placement Committee of SDA Bocconi Asia Center. Moreover, we were exposed to case study competitions wherein we won some and also lost some.

The school has many professional clubs such as marketing, finance, operations, entrepreneurship, HULT Prize, 180 DC, TedEx Masters, and many more which offer you opportunities to explore more in the fields of one’s interest. I enjoyed the vigorous and creative selection process for these clubs while helping my other friends throughout this process.

Being from a technical background, I faced difficulty in understanding finance and accounting. We had Italian professors for the subjects of Accounting and Understanding Investments. They paid special attention to each and every student to ensure that everyone had a strong foundation for the subjects. We always had our teachers and our seniors to guide us which made the process easier. I would like to make a special mention of professor Davide Reina who took the subject of marketing for us. I loved how a three-hour class was made so interesting and interactive where the first one and a half-hour of the class would be a lecture and the second half would consist of case studies that we would solve in groups. He has such a unique teaching style and always kept the class interesting. I really look up to him. I am excited about charting out my journey with SDA Bocconi Asia Centre and growing through every part of this course

About Mansi Shah, IMB Class 2023
Profile photo of Mansi ShahAn information and communication technology engineering graduate with a penchant for constantly pushing the limits and dabbling into diverse departments sums me up perfectly.
I have a distinguished history in managing several avenues ranging from academics, sports, internships to extracurriculars and breezing through them with substantial results.I am a national level volleyball player. I enjoy writing, modelling and dancing. Having said that I am a published writer. Not limiting myself to just one domain, I have held various leadership positions in sports and entrepreneurship cell of my bachelors institute.

Author – Mansi Shah | Editor – Rohan Mehrotra and Vedika Nathani

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