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Small Batches at MISB Bocconi: Four Benefits

PGPB-Batch-sizeSome business schools turn out grads like factories turn out packages — more focused on sheer numbers than on the quality of the product. At MISB Bocconi, we are proud to go about things in a different way. Each class, or “batch,” is limited to just 75  students or less. What makes these small batches so successful — both for our school and our students? Let’s take a closer look at four benefits of MISB Bocconi’s small batch approach.

  1. High-Quality Classmates

In combination with our profile-based application process, small batches ensure that each class comprises students with equal — yet diverse — offerings. Not to mention that by keeping our numbers low, we eliminate the risk of diluting our pool and are able to guarantee a high-quality academic environment.

  1. More Faculty Interactions

Our premier international faculty members don’t sit in an ivory tower. Rather, they continually seek out chances to engage with students — both in and out of the classroom. In this dynamic setting, small batches directly translate to more opportunities for meaningful connections between students and faculty — connections built to last a lifetime.

  1. More Peer Interactions

In larger business school programs, students are often divided into sections. The result? They never have the chance to achieve a synergistic whole. Small batches at MISB Bocconi not only mean that students have the opportunity to really get to know each other while working together, but also that small groups can be easily shuffled to maximise student exchange.

  1. Targeted Career Development Services

Small batches also mean that our Career Development Services team isn’t just going through the motions. With such small classes, they have the time to develop and nurture personal relationships with each student over the two-year PGP in order to better understand their goals and guide them toward their attainment.

One last thing to keep in mind? At MISB Bocconi, “small” in no way corresponds with “limited.” In addition to abundant chances to interact with faculty members and each other on our Mumbai campus, our commitment to international exchange means that students also benefit from unparalleled opportunities to leverage these experiences into larger personal and professional networks as well as invaluable global insights.

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