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To Negotiate or not to negotiate: is that the question?

We can give an apparently easy answer to this question: basically, it depends on the difference in terms of (perceived) value assigned to the resource to be negotiated. Consequently, we are facing negotiation situations much more often than we believe. In other words, a negotiation process exists when one party is interested in something that […]

“The Evolving Indian Consumer” and Adoption of Technology in Banking Services

I have always been fascinated by how the Indian consumer has adopted the new technologies in the space of Financial Services. I believe the driver has always been ‘convenience’ after overcoming the fear factor of ‘How do I use…” ..”Am I getting it Right? ”..”Is it safe” In India through the early 90’s, 2000’s we […]

When I was in Europe…

From enjoying the ethereal biblical figures embellishing the walls of mesmerizing duomo to pondering over the gravity of human emotions at ‘the wall’ that symbolized the division of the world into two; from being appreciated by a student from Peru for my imperfect Indian cooking to appreciating a English-Pakistani for helping with the studies; from […]

Act of business planning is more important than the plan itself

According to my opinion, business plans may become outdated the very day they are finished, but the process of planning is very important as it prepares entrepreneur to face the future. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the past US president and a five-star general in the US Army during World War II, once said, ‘Plans are worthless, […]

Mandatory auditor rotation can improve reporting standards

Mandatory auditor rotation can improve reporting standards

Globally we have witnessed quite a few large accounting frauds, Enron, WorldCom, and Satyam closer to us. These have resulted in shareholder value erosion and loss of investors’ confidence. Pursuant to this many steps were taken to avert such situations. Mandatory rotation of auditors was one such measure used to end the cosy relationship a […]

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