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MISB Bocconi’s Executive Education Program: Is It Right For You?



A great deal is written about the MBA imperative — particularly in today’s competitive business landscape. But the truth is that a full-time, two-year MBA program is not necessarily the best or only course for everyone.

If you’ve been contemplating advancing your education in order to give your business skills a critical boost, but have struggled with the thought of diverting from your current career track, MISB Bocconi’s International Executive Masters in Business (IEMB) proposes an innovative solution.

Let’s take a closer look at whether it’s right for you.

An Executive-Friendly Format

If you’re like most MBA-aspiring managers, there’s one major thing holding you back from pursuing this career-changing degree: the time commitment involved in a conventional MBA. After all, you’ve worked this hard to get to your current position. While an advanced business degree promises plentiful opportunities, it also inherently represents a step in a different direction.

While the IEMB offers all of the benefits of a prestigious SDA Bocconi Executive MBA, it does so in an executive-friendly format. For two weekends each month over the course of an 18-month period, students are immersed in a premier educational environment at our state-of-the-art Mumbai campus. During that time, they benefit from IEMB’s international focus; cutting-edge, outcomes-based teaching methodology; and an international curriculum taught by esteemed faculty from Milan’s SDA Bocconi.

IEMB students also spend two vital weeks at SDA Bocconi in Milan — an opportunity which vastly enriches the b-school experience while further cultivating the global outlook sought after in today’s business world.

The curriculum is specifically designed to fit the schedule of a working professional. In many cases, your employer may even be willing to cover some or all of the cost of pursuing this powerful degree.

Another reason to consider the IEMB? In addition to saving both time and money, the programme is also conducive to students with families.

The Bocconi Advantage

As the world’s only offshore presence of Italy’s leading management school, we are proud of our unique heritage, bustling present, and bright future. “The Bocconi Advantage” is something we talk about a lot here at MISB Bocconi, and with good reason: it’s an integral part of who we are. When you select the IEMB, you gain access to all of the advantages offered by a Bocconi education.

Of course, there’s the name which alone speaks to a one-of-a-kind legacy. But it’s also about much more than a name. A Bocconi education opens doors — to new knowledge and ways of thinking, unprecedented career opportunities, and an amazing network of 80,000 alumni all over the world.

If you’ve been considering pursuing an Executive MBA, but conventional programmes don’t fit your individual needs due to either professional or personal commitments, we invite you to step outside the box and consider this rigorous and rewarding programme. Designed for current managers with at least five years of experience, the IEMB at MISB Bocconi may be just what you’ve been looking for…and then some.

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