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MISB Bocconi: Why Mumbai?



One oft-quoted real estate saying goes that there are three primary factors in determining a property’s desirability: “location, location, location.” Here at MISB Bocconi, we know that the power of proximity applies to a lot more than the housing market. Like when it comes to getting a premier international business education, for example.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Mumbai such a standout location for today’s b-school students and tomorrow’s business leaders.

A Global City With Indian Flavour

The capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai boasts a population of more than 18 million people, making it not only India’s most populous city but also the world’s ninth most populous urban agglomeration. In other words, Mumbai is bustling with people and activity — particularly when you factor in its vibrant mix of residents from diverse cultures and communities throughout India and around the globe.

A Front Row Seat to International Finance

An epicenter of finance and commerce which generates 6.16 percent of India’s GDP, India is home to everything from important financial institutions like the National Stock Exchange of India to corporate headquarters of multinational corporations to leading scientific and nuclear institutes, It’s no surprise that so many of India’s rich and powerful also call Mumbai home: at last count, 30 of India’s 68 billionaires lived in this cosmopolitan city.

Mumbai also plays host to many of India’s future billionaires going by the thriving startup scene here in “Powai Valley” AKA “the next Silicon Valley.” Our very own neighbour? Housing.com.

Beyond the Business World

Speaking of front row seats, Mumbai is also celebrated as the entertainment capital of India thanks to the Bollywood scene, museums, art galleries, restaurants and nightlife. In other words, in choosing MISB Bocconi, students don’t just gain access to a world-class education, but also to a world-class city and all of its intellectual and cultural offerings. Because, after all, there is life outside the classroom.

With all it has going for it, it’s no surprise that Mumbai — also nicknamed the “Gateway of India” and the “City of Dreams” — has earned “alpha city” status. Aspiring business leaders will find no better setting for learning, networking and innovating than at MISB Bocconi, in the heart of this truly remarkable global city.

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