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MISB Bocconi Launches Women In Leadership Scholarship With This Powerfull Video

Why does a girl do an MBA?

To get over a breakup? Because Fashion designing is too mainstream? To kill time? To delay marriage? To get away from home? To find a cute successful boy?

That’s just lame.

So why do girls actually do an MBA? The short version: To make a difference. Just the same as any guy who pursues an MBA.

MISB Bocconi, the offshore presence of Bocconi University in India and an international business school in Mumbai recognizes this and has initiated the woman’s scholarship program to support outstanding and meritorious women candidates that apply to the PGPB program. This scholarship provides valuable financial support to excellent women candidates enabling them to follow their dreams without the financial burden that comes along with pursuing one’s dream. The scholarship amount is Rs 2 Lakhs.

So who gets the scholarship? The recipients of the scholarship should be high potential candidates with exemplary leadership skills in one or more of the following areas: academic leadership, team leadership, community leadership, community leadership, and creative leadership.

This initiative brings women one step closer to being the force of nature that they are born to be. Be ambitious, be empowered. You have a gifted mind and an extraordinary soul. Don’t let being a woman eclipse your dreams.

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