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MISB Bocconi: Empowering NextGen Leaders Today


Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders, but how do they get from here to there? MISB Bocconi is committed to bridging the gap and creating future leaders by providing access to knowledge that matters — not just inside the classroom, but also through real-world, collaborative learning opportunities designed to transform young professionals into playmakers.

Nurturing Corporate Connections

Collaborations with the corporate world’s best and biggest have helped us gain sought-after status in the b-school community and industry at large, but how do we hold onto our top-notch reputation and premier positioning? By constantly striving to get even stronger. This means getting our name — and of course, our students! — up close and personal with today’s innovators and game-changers.

Events like our recent Sundowner with Startups give students unparalleled access to today’s brightest minds — not only to learn from them but to interact with them in ways that might otherwise be unattainable. And with so many of India’s startups located right here in Powai (Mumbai), it makes sense that we would leverage our location to its fullest potential.

Last month, we also co-organised a dinner and cocktail event with TEDxGateway, giving us a front row seat to the action, as well as gaining premier visibility in the process.

Events like these don’t just offer students knowledge, but also the spark of inspiration to pursue their goals and aspirations.

Staying Ahead of the Trends

Staying ahead of “the next big thing” is critical in the fast-moving business world, but at MISB, it’s about so much more than simply spotting what’s on the horizon and reacting to it. Rather, we’re committed to proactively fostering dialogue, driving momentum, and making tangible change.

Take our recent “Retail Forum” event in collaboration with ETRetail. Given the enormous ongoing flux within India’s retail landscape, we seized the chance to gather business heads, strategists, marketers, and other key stakeholders together, creating a setting in which they could exchange ideas about how to stay relevant in the rapidly changing retail world.

Ultimately, the future of the business community rests in the hands of the b-school students of today and tomorrow. At MISB, we’re fully invested in giving them the information and opportunities they need to navigate the challenging territory ahead to emerge as capable, driven and visionary contributors on the global stage.

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