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TedxBocconiUMumbai 2022: Mavericks & Misfits

th of June 2022 marked the day of TEDxBocconiUMumbai at SDA Bocconi Asia Center. Like every year, this year was no different in providing an opportunity to make an impact and inspire communities.

With the theme “Mavericks & Misfits”, we celebrated the spirit of individualism and aimed to put the spotlight on those that have fearlessly faced the world in an effort to be their most authentic self.

Our goal was to bring together bright minds to give talks and performances that were idea-focused, and on a wide range of subjects, to foster learning and inspiration.

Keeping this in mind, we invited eminent speakers & performers from diverse backgrounds, sparking conversations that exposed the audience to a new perspective on life. For instance, Celebrity Chef, Amrita Raichand encouraged the audience to break stereotypes and follow the unconventional path. Tv Personality & Host, Dr. Shamoly Khera shed light on being a misfit and focusing on achieving multi-potentiality. Renowned Interior Designer, Sarah Sham, Essajees Atelier focused on the power of openness and giving back to the community by sharing.

In addition, environmentalist and hydroponic farmer, Krutarth Upadhyay exposed the audience to the art of hydroponics and its positive impact on climate change. Internationally renowned for sartorial expertise, India’s foremost fashion and costume designer Nidhi Yasha glorified the idea of being a free-spirited maverick who believes in the power of creativity. CEO of Copter 7, Mohit Bhagchandani explained how building a brand and legacy by combining it with the sports industry can help a company stand out.

Performers on the other hand mesmerised the audience with their suave. Apeksha Bhattacharyya walked in as a Ballerina, enriching the rich culture of the Russian Ballet. One-woman band, Vasuda Sharma captivated viewers with her live looping. Finally, Aanchal Shrivastava swayed the audience with her soothing voice.

TEDxBocconiUMumbai continues to build the legacy and inspire communities on a plethora of topics to teach and inspire, whilst provoking conversations that matter.

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