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Luxe Talk – Newsletter by Luxury Club

– The Luxury Club of SDA Bocconi Asia Center

In a first, the Luxury Club of SDA Bocconi Asia Center took the initiative to launch ‘Luxe Talk’, an all-luxury newsletter for the luxury enthusiasts of the college.  Who are the consumers of luxury? What do they get beyond the price tag? What are the recent market trends in luxury? Through a weekly newsletter, the luxury club will share its take on the recent events taking place in the luxury industry. The Luxe Talk covers opulent brands from various industries such as apparel, hospitality, automobiles, personal care and so on.

On launching the newsletter, Yash Doshi, the Vice President- Branding and Outreach of the clubs says, ‘In my perspective, Luxury as a concept has always been a relative one. Through these newsletters, we intend to communicate this along with the ongoing trends in the market for our readers’.

An excerpt from The Indian Edition of Luxe Talk  – Lehengas are Eternal 

The novel Coronavirus has dramatically modified things overnight. The pandemic has bestowed a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour, be it on daily lifestyle or spending on luxurious goods. Marketers across industries try to revamp their business models and therefore the luxury industry is not any exception. According to a McKinsey report, the global luxury goods market is projected to contract by 35% to 39%. Indian fashion designers spent the lockdown away from factories and stores lamenting completely over loss of revenue. Indian bridal wear is seeing an unusual upswing. The quaint lehenga is sparing the day. The lehenga’s origin dates to the beginning of Indian culture itself. The wedding lehenga has been Indian fashion’s greatest goldmine. An exclusive designer lehenga starts from rupees 1 lakh and goes up to rupees 30 – 40 lakhs. “The only things selling with us are bridal and couture cloth”, says Tarun Tahiliani.  Sandeep Khosla agrees, “Things are slightly better, and it has more to do with the bridal wear”. India has long been derided by fashion purists for its ‘Lehenga-Choli culture’. The gorgeously decorated, 16-panel circle skirt has survived the putdowns responding instead with reinventions like lehenga sari, Pakistani lehenga and Benarsi lehenga.

The team behind Luxe Talk-

Concept: Garima Sharma, President, Luxury Club| Content: Yash Doshi, VP- Branding and Outreach| Design: Supriya Narayanan, VP- Learning and Development

*The views and opinions expressed in this newsletter are of the Luxury Club members.

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