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Life@MISB – Living In Powai, Mumbai



Po-way, all the way!

So you are preparing yourself for the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, cluttered streets, small apartments, narrow roads and of course the traffic. And then suddenly Powai happens!

Ask any of your Bombay buddies and they will tell you Powai is not Mumbai, and trust me they are right. It has outstanding architecture, it is spacious, it has a Greek feel to it and it has a lake! So you know it is not ‘amchi-Mumbai’, and you are going to be totally cool with that.

Powai is known for its neo classical architecture, and we thank Mr. Hiranandani for this. The entire area is developed by and known as Hiranandani, and the only thing I can tell you about him is that he has excellent taste. From the basic utilities like markets, schools, hospitals to the most hip restaurants and five star hotels in town, Hiranandani has it all.

You know how Italians have the best taste? Well, they found the perfect location for a business school right here!

Our campus is in the Hiranandani Knowledge Park that is just a stone’s throw away from a place of prime importance for business students – Starbucks. In case you are Mumbaikar and can’t keep away from Theobrama’s goodies, you are in luck too.

On a more serious note, the college is just minutes away from the Powai lake, so the view from the classrooms make for a great deal.

You would find the seniors hanging out in the nearby market Galleria, which is host to one of the best place to eat. It has commercial eateries, small bistros and fun lounges for you to unwind on a Saturday night. Personal recommendations would be Harry’s karaoke nights and games night at Hoppipola.

Book lovers should know we have a library that has a range of books, and there are frequent book clubs going on nearby.

If you are a fitness freak, you are in luck! The Powailake has an outstanding jogging path around it. You can join yoga groups that practice near the Powai lake too. For a nice evening walk, you have to go to Hiranandani Gardens. It is one of the best parks around, and has a lot of activities going on there too. Gym enthusiasts wouldn’t be disappointed either, because you will have plethora of choices to choose from.

For the hardcore entrepreneurs, you have struckgold. We are right in the middle of the Powai Valley. Its easier to find a start-up here than a VadaPao! As you know Powai Valley is where all start-ups in Mumbai want to be. Not too far away is IIT Bombay, which is known to have an excellent start-up incubator. MISB Bocconi students often attend competitions; entrepreneurship events, conferences and festivals taking place there. So if you want to network, want a live project or even an internship at a start-up you are in the right place.

If you have been to London near Christmas and seen the Oxford Street and sighed ‘Why can’t we have this in India?’, to you I say – the wait is over. If you don’t know what I am taking about – have a look –

Courtesy ‘Hiranandani Official facebook page’

This is Powai! Hiranandani organizes the Winter Light Fiesta from Christmas till the new year, and it is stunning.

Its an odd thing to say, but sunsets in Powai are beautiful.

Pic Courtesy: Mirella Marinelli

So well, this is where you are heading to and spending the rest of your PGPB and let me tell you, you are going to have an unforgettable time.

Yes way, Po-way!

This article is written by PGPB4 student – Vibhuti Verma


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