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Lessons beyond the Classroom at SDA Bocconi Asia Center

-By Milan Choudhury

There’s a world of learning out there that’s beyond classroom sessions and it is especially during the 2 years of your MBA that you can maximize them. In fact, these out-of-class learnings prove to be of far greater importance than the rote learning one is accustomed to, since the real world out there demands skills that can be developed through diverse exposure.

Here are some fabulous lessons beyond the classroom, which we at SDA Bocconi Asia Center get to experience.

  1. Overall Profile Building: Beyond academics, there are a lot of parameters that companies assess candidates on. In fact, more often than not, it is these parameters that play a key role in the recruitment process. Through various live project opportunities, internships and projects offered by the 4 Centers of Excellence, a student’s profile is strongly built up at SDA Bocconi Asia Center. In addition, the Career Development Services in conjunction with the Placement Committee puts a lot of effort into each candidate’s LinkedIn profile and CV building. 


  1. Overcoming the Public Speaking Phobia: Every single person exhibits some or the other barrier to communication and it is these that lead to underperformance during interviews. At our lessons and workshops, we are not just encouraged to speak before the class, but are also provided two kinds of feedback. Peer to peer feedback is a definite asset which aims to identify lacunae in content and delivery; while expert feedback given by the instructors provides an in-depth analysis on how each student’s shortcomings may be overcome. The toastmasters club here at Bocconi is one such platform to help students talk freely before an audience. In addition, specialized classes on advanced oral communication ensure that every student is spot on as far as content and delivery is concerned while conducting business communication.


  1. Group Driven Insights: Learning solo would’ve worked until you were in your 12th grade, but it strictly limits your ability to learn as you go ahead. At Bocconi, the first thing that the management does is to divide the class into groups, which change every semester. No effort is spared to ensure that each group has people coming from diverse backgrounds and skillset. Class assignments and presentations are group-based and fresh insights are always encouraged. Working in these groups really helps build team work and coordination capabilities.


  1. New Cultures to Learn: Business environments are dynamic and navigating them successfully requires one to adapt to changes and get familiar with new cultures. At SDA Bocconi Asia Center, in addition to Indian markets, students are exposed to the European culture and European market scenarios. Cases from all over the world are discussed and latest frameworks and techniques adapted by leaders are taken up for open discussion. The international faculty definitely goes a long way in helping students grasp the holistic point of view. Beyond classes, the ESSEC exchange semester brings in international students, thereby facilitating a healthy cultural exchange between students from India and abroad. 


  1. Extracurricular Involvement: Apart from academics, there’s a lot more to be experienced here at Bocconi, which makes student life enjoyable. The Cultural and Leadership Committee makes sure that the student talent is showcased in the right manner and is not just restricted within the school. Dance and music, skits and plays, and competitions are an inherent part of student life at Bocconi. In addition, the sports committee ensures that the players get their due by organizing regular matches and tournaments in which the students pitch in wholeheartedly.

Aside from the challenging curriculum at Bocconi, there are multitudes of opportunities to help every student build his/her profile the right way for the corporate world as well as the real life ahead. It is ultimately the candidate who has to utilize the right resources from the available plethora.

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