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Hult Prize OnCampus 2023 – Redesigning fashion in a Sustainable way

The Hult Prize Foundation empowers young people to become leaders of change through social entrepreneurship. Tens of thousands of students from 100+ countries participate each year, representing 2,000+ institutions of higher education. The Hult Prize OnCampus Program brings the competition to universities globally, allowing student leaders to organize their own localized version with support from the foundation.

The winning team at each university advances to the regional summits and the global accelerator, bringing them one step closer to making a positive impact on the world.

Hult prize participants came together to make the world a better place at SDA Bocconi Asia Center on February 05, 2023. 60 teams participated with impressive ideas focusing on solving the most pressing issues plaguing the globe.

The theme of this year was ‘Redesigning fashion in a Sustainable way’. 

The event began with the introduction of the Hult prize Competition and the 6 distinguished judges Mr. Santosh Phad, Dr. Anar Rupji, Mr. Vedant Ahluwalia, Mr. Mubin Sayyed, Mr. Kinner Lakhani, and Mr. Nasimul Haque, who made the event even more special with their presence.

Followed the 1st round of the On-campus program in which 20 teams in each room, were evaluated by 2 judges each. The best team from each of the 3 rooms was chosen, which then competed in the final round to bag the title of “Winner”. After presenting their ideas in front of 6 prominent judges altogether, SDA Bocconi Asia Center got its Hult Prize 2023 On-Campus Program’s Winner as “Team Elements”. The team “Sustainable Fashion for KI & KA” was declared as the 1st Runner Up and the team “Rising Star” was the 2nd Runner Up.

A session filled with loads of learning. Students presented some impeccable and creative ideas. It was exhilarating to see people put sustainability in the front seat and devise some amazing business plans, says Dr. Anar Rupji, Co-founder Mera Adhikar. Dr. Rupji is a social entrepreneur on a mission to educate every Indian citizen about their entitlement to government Welfare schemes.

The ideas revolved around fashion from peels of fruits, sustainable shoes, and an extension to finding sustainable products without any hassle. A total of 6 judges came up with a unanimous decision and declared ‘team elements’ as the winner of Hult Prize OnCampus 2023

The team that was triumphant on the Day was “Team Element”

“For you to sustain a world that remains, let’s shoestain” The concept of Shoestain is to make people aware and educate about the impact of the materials used in the shoes they purchase online on the environment via various metrics through a simple browser based web extension

The winning team believed in the influence digital media can bring along with it. And while ideating, awareness came up as a key factor that could influence purchasing behavior and incorporate social responsibilities within the consumers. That’s how Shoestain came into being, a common junction where digitalization is used to raise awareness about sustainability in consumers in the simplest possible manner.

The students were guided and supported throughout the competition by our Managing Director, Alessandro Giuliani, and SDA Bocconi’s Professor of Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Strategy, Mikkel Draebye, who played a crucial role in their success.

The Campus Director, along with the Hult Prize Taskforce consisting of 13 people, made Hult Prize OnCampus 2023 a success.

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