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How to seek the support of your employer for Executive Education or Executive MBA?

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With an Executive Education program like International Executive Masters in Business (IEMB) at MISB Bocconi, Mumbai you can continue to work full time whilst pursuing an international Executive education. However, participants want to make the most out of the Executive education by giving the necessary time and effort to attend the executive program. This requires the employer to support for the time off to attend classes, the two immersion weeks in Milan, Italy, and an optional week to attend international electives too. Sometimes the participants are also able to secure financial sponsorship for their Executive education in India or abroad.

So what should the participants do?
They should sit down with their Manager and explain the benefit of
 Executive education or specific executive programs like ours “the International Executive Masters in Business” and the benefits for the company and the team. One way could be explaining this as a business case, as in how Executive education could benefit more to the organization rather than focusing on your personal development.

Before you sit down with the manager, make sure you answer these questions:

  • Why this executive program in Mumbai? Why Bocconi’s International Executive Masters in Business -IEMB?
  • How does this program fit in your overall development?
  • How can this executive program help the organization?
  • What’s the cost of the executive program and how do you plan to fund it? How much of company sponsorship is required?
  • In the case of sponsorship for an executive MBA, what will you commit to the company?

Answer these questions and you might be able to understand how much support you can get. MISB Bocconi is available to support you by meeting you or your managers in person.

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