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How MISB Bocconi’s PGPB Equips You for Real-World Impact.

MISB-Bocconi-educationWith so much buzz surrounding the 21st century skills gap — particularly as it applies to today’s business school grads-turned-job candidates — you may be wondering how the PGPB can help you not only expand your knowledge, but also apply this knowledge to today’s complex business challenges.

In fact, this is one of the aspects that makes an MISB Bocconi education stand out from the rest. Let’s take a closer look at how we not only cover the business fundamentals, but also how they translate to real-world innovation.

International Exposure

As the international barriers continue to break down, tomorrow’s leaders will require global perspectives which transcend geographical borders. The PGPB brings together students and faculty not only from throughout India’s diverse states but also from all over the world in the form of inbound and outbound exchange programs. The result? A distinctive multicultural atmosphere and vibrant international outlook among the members of our community.

Soft Skills

While all b-schools teach business theory and basic principles, cultivating true innovation takes something more. In addition to traditional business school studies, the PGPB places equal focus on writing and communication, technical know-how, creativity, critical thinking, understanding organizational structure and other soft skills essential to contemporary business success. These are precisely the skills that today’s employers are looking for when identifying what they need to reach their goals.

How do we teach these soft skills? Through resources including personal orientation labs which help students assess their personal aptitudes; core courses on oral and written business communication; and training seminars on everything from public speaking to business and social etiquette.

Real-world Indian and international case studies, meanwhile, offer a dynamic fusion of theory and practice which not only teaches students what they need to know, but also how to most effectively apply these principles to the world around them.

But we don’t just bring the case studies into the classroom; our students also benefit from strong connections with the corporate world through compulsory hands-on experiences and initiatives.

Information Exchange

Speaking of corporate exposure, the MISB Bocconi student experience is steeped in opportunities to learn from today’s top business leaders and innovators. In addition to our leading international faculty from SDA Bocconi, PGPB students also gain access to visiting guest speakers and summer internships — all aimed at helping them gain valuable insights… and a critical leading edge.

At MISB Bocconi, we know that education doesn’t take place within a vacuum, but within the context of the world at large. PGPB students aren’t mere observers; rather, they’re participants in a problem-focused and experiential learning environment aimed at helping them achieve game-changing potential as the next generation of business innovators.




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