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Hiring and Recruitment: 4 Trends that are Here to Stay

– Simran Arora, VP- Branding and Outreach, The Human Resource Club of SDA Bocconi Asia Center

Does 2020 ever give you a sense of Déjà vu? Don’t you think we’ve come a full circle in terms of uncertainty? From the Great Recession to COVID19, every generation seems to be going through tremendous change. The agile business environment faces many challenges, however, there is some comfort in knowing that HR, as a core business function is now prepared to approach them with a progressive mindset.

Viewed through the lens of HR, here are some trends that will remodel talent management and build organisational resilience.

Employee experience.
It’s time to put a full stop to one-way traffic. With empathy at its core, organisations will now work towards giving back to their employees and humanise the workplace, in turn attracting the best talent. It’s a win-win!

People analytics.
As HR takes up a more strategic role, it needs a scientific tool to make informed decisions and support empathy. People analytics helps in observing human behaviour and in designing evaluation metrics that help the workforce and organisation perform better as a unit. However, exercising caution is of the utmost importance when it comes to ethical questions being raised about people data. Employees today are revered as stakeholders and organisations must work towards developing and maintaining thoughtful and transparent policies pertaining to their data privacy.

Internal recruiting.
A trend that phased out eventually and is making a gradual comeback in 2020 is internal recruiting. Through promotions, lateral moves or transfers, organisations can retain talent and acknowledge their employees’ contribution by creating a conducive environment to learn and grow.

Multi-generational workforce.
Almost every organisation undeniably houses four generations among its workforce – and this adds significant value to a company’s performance. Every generation brings something new to the table based on their experience and expertise. Over a while, HR has learnt about how synergy through age diversity can be achieved. However, the way forward involves carving out new career paths, introducing more flexible benefits, and finding new ways for generations to share intelligence.

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