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Building Your Network: Beginning With MISB Bocconi


As you progress through your business career, you’ll hear a lot about networking — everything from why it’s important to how to go about doing it.

One of the best things about attending MISB Bocconi? Networking is an organic part of the PGPB experience. In every course, group project, and collaboration exercise, you’ll be building personal and professional connections which will stay with you throughout your life.

Networking at MISB Bocconi

At MISB Bocconi, you’ll begin networking as soon as you step foot on our Mumbai campus. Each class comprises a diverse group of students, carefully selected for their unique individual qualities as well as for their potential as a team. In spending time and working alongside your classmates, you can look forward to developing meaningful and lasting relationships. In fact, many of our alumni refer to ongoing connections forged in the PGPB as an important factor in their success today.

But classroom connections don’t just happen between students at MISB Bocconi. Our esteemed faculty members are accessible, available, and eager to connect with the students they teach. It’s not rare to see students and faculty members interacting outside of the classroom either.

Because our curriculum isn’t limited to theory but also comprises a real-world component, students get even more networking exposure. Our summer internship program, for example, has helped students secure placements in marketing and finance functions at prestigious global companies including ICICI Bank, Coca-Cola, L’Oréal, Ferrero, SBI Mutual Fund, Benetton and Future Group among several others. These don’t just look good as line items on your resume; they can also be leveraged into job market success upon graduation.


Beyond Mumbai

A commitment to international exchange means that networking opportunities are exponentially enhanced. Between inward-bound exchange to our Mumbai campus as well as outward-bound exchange programs at Bocconi in Milan as well as with other partner institutions from across the globe, MISB Bocconi students have endless chances not only to grow their networks but to do so in a way which vastly enriches their world view.

According to one Harvard Business Review report on the critical nature of networking, “Networks determine which ideas become breakthroughs, which new drugs are prescribed, which farmers cultivate pest-resistant crops, and which R&D engineers make the most high-impact discoveries.”

At MISB Bocconi, we’re committed to helping our students develop and grow the networks that will not only help them reach their goals but which can collaboratively move the world.

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