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Broaden Your World with MISB Bocconi’s International Faculty


What happens when you spend 22 months learning from faculty members from eight different nationalities? In two words: A lot. In fact, the opportunities afforded by MISB’s international teaching environment have a profound impact on benefits that stay with students throughout their lives.

Let’s count down three ways interacting with MISB Bocconi’s remarkably international faculty can change your career… and your life.

  1. You’ll Learn More. Much More.

With physical borders breaking down by the day, knowledge is no longer limited by geography. It makes good sense that the more exposure students have to diversity, the more they stand to gain.

Learning from a professor with a different background than yourself opens doors to new theories, concepts and ideas which might otherwise remain unacknowledged. Learning from professors from eight different nationalities, meanwhile, amplifies this access.

  1. You’ll Gain An International Perspective

We’re constantly talking about the importance of an “international perspective,” but what does that mean in the real world? It simply means the cultivation of an outward-facing mindset. MISB Bocconi’s global faculty help students question their assumptions while learning to think beyond their own personal experiences, background, and cultures. Applied to real-world business challenges, this broader viewpoint supports more creative and collaborative problem solving, as well as reinforcing the importance of respecting different viewpoints than your own.

According to one expert, “Professors with strong global awareness are better equipped to help students apply lessons with an international context and to develop international content and perspective within their courses.”

  1. Your Network Will Expand Exponentially

During your time in b-school, you’ll make connections that will last a lifetime. You might know this already. However, this network is far from limited to your fellow classmates. In a “small batch” setting like MISB, professors don’t sit in ivory towers. Rather, there are frequent opportunities for interaction — and network-building.

Consider evidence from Harvard indicating that the most accurate predictor of future success among undergraduate women is the percentage of women faculty members at their colleges. At MISB Bocconi, we believe that these principles not only carry over to the b-school setting, but actually take on even greater relevance — and not just as applied to gender, but to diversity in general.

Ultimately, the more diverse the faculty, the more it reflects the current state of the world and your ability to thrive within it. At MISB Bocconi, we’re proud of our diversity and of the well-rounded, global mindset that is alive and well within the members of our community.

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