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Bocconian in Powai

This article is written by Livia Thomas of PGPB5

Its 4PM and you’re dying to just get out of class so you can do that epic Bollywood run in fields of daisies towards your best friend from the other class and into the outside world. Okay maybe not that dramatic, but here’s what your life post 4PM in Powai is going to look like through the week.

Powai is kind of a hub of everything you need. It’s like a goodie bag of all your needs and wants. To meet your grocery needs, Powai offers you D Mart (most of their stuff is discounted) and Haiko. Try to not go there on Friday nights or weekend nights – if you have to go, I would suggest carrying a bottle of water and some tents because it’s gonna be a looong night at the cash counter.

Powai has an array of restaurants ranging from a Maggi budget to a Sushi budget. When you’re broke, I would suggest eating from Santosh Café (All mallus, take note), Faasos, Relishus, Curry me Up and Gold Coin (Check Zomato for more restaurants in the like). There are a lot of dabba systems around here in case you want home cooked meals. When you feel rich and fabulous, go down the lane after D-Mart – you’ll come across a lot of fancy nice places like Red Olives, Pizza Express, Chili’s etc. There are also places like Subway, Papa John’s etc on the same lane. Sugar lovers, not to fret, Powai has Theobroma’s, Naturals Ice Cream, Aromas and SO much more!

Now let me introduce you to our second home after college – GALLERIA. This is a mini hub where you have all sorts of stores ranging from electronics stores to chaatwaalas to other eateries to accessories shops …. Okay you get the idea. You sort of have to pass by Galleria to get to a lot of spots in Powai.

You party people, you! We have the famous Harry’s Pub, Rumours Lounge (they have karaoke! Can I hear an Amen?!), Rude Lounge (great music, lot of space, good crowd, good food) and a lot other places. Don’t worry, we have budget places in this category as well.

Phew, guys, there is a lot more to explore in Powai. If I tell you everything, what’s the fun in going to a new place? So let me take leave here and let you guys do the exploration. Welcome to Powai, folks!

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