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Are You Ready to Give Your Career a Jumpstart?


This business landscape is changing at lightening-fast speeds, and along with those changes comes the need for executives with the abilities to navigate and lead. As with Bocconi’s other post-graduate programmes, MISB Bocconi’s Executive Programs In India like the International Executive Masters in Business (IEMB) is specifically designed to cultivate these core competencies.

Our distinguishing factor? Students gain access to critical career-boosting benefits while retaining their current positions. Read on to learn why there’s no better way to sharpen your skills than with the IEMB.

Nothing to Lose

At MISB Bocconi, we recognise that the needs of today’s students are changing. Whether you’re a current manager looking to step into a loftier leadership role or you’re returning to the workforce after time off raising a family, IEMB is specifically formatted to offer all of the benefits of an MBA without the full-time commitment.

In addition to being more compact, the programme is also financially more sustainable. Not only do students have the option to pay as they go, but employers are also likely to offer tuition support. Why? Because they stand to benefit, too.

One look at IEMB’s participant profiles tells a compelling story. Armed with approximately 11.4 years of experience and at an average age of 35.6, IEMB students come to us ready to learn and level up. This adds up to a robust, dynamic and vibrant environment like no other.

Everything to Gain

The payoffs of an international b-school education in today’s globalised economy are profound. Of course, there’s the recognition: a world-class Master’s certificate from SDA Bocconi is highly regarded by today’s employers. Along with that comes all of the advantages of a Bocconi education, including global business knowledge, international immersion, hands-on experience, and abundant networking opportunities with both peers and distinguished international faculty from SDA Bocconi.

During IEMB’s 18-month period of study, you’ll learn and apply a breadth and depth of concepts aimed at preparing you to navigate the challenges ahead while honing your leadership capabilities — both inside and outside the classroom.

As the value of diversity becomes increasingly clear, so does the call for diverse leaders to chart the course. At MISB Bocconi we understand that a full-time MBA program is not ideal for all students. We not only welcome those who come to us from the full spectrum of experiences and backgrounds, but we’re also proud to present them with a unique “best of both worlds” opportunity in IEMB.

Growth-minded executives looking to accelerate the path toward their career objectives without committing to a conventional, full-time MBA won’t find a more exciting place to do so than wit the Executive Programs at MISB Bocconi.

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