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5 Things You Must Know About the Post Graduate Program In Business(PGPB)


1) Legacy

Bocconi has a 113 years old legacy.As a newer and yet increasingly vital entrant, MISB offers an equal yet different opportunity for students to benefit from the same extraordinary b-school education and global perspectives, but against the distinctive backdrop of India’s vibrant and significant cultural ethos.

2) Location

With all it has going for it, it’s no surprise that Mumbai — also nicknamed the “Gateway to India” and the “City of Dreams” — has earned “alpha city” status. Aspiring business leaders will find no better setting for learning, networking and innovating than at MISB Bocconi, in the heart of this remarkable global city.

3) International Imperative

The opportunities afforded by MISB’s international teaching environment have a profound impact on benefits that stay with students throughout their lives.Also, MISB Bocconi takes it a step further thanks to an active network of exchanges, collaborations, and interactions all over the world.

4)Small Batches

Some business schools turn out grads like factories turn out packages — more focused on sheer numbers than on the quality of the product. At MISB Bocconi, we are proud to go about things in a different way. High-Quality classmates, more faculty and peer interaction and targeted career development services are just some perks of the PGPB program

5) Corporate Network

With Mr. Ratan Tata graduating the PGPB2 batch and Mr. Kishore Biyani, opening the PGPB4, MISB Bocconi, is committed to helping our students develop and grow the networks that will not only help them reach their goals but which can collaboratively move the world.

MISB Bocconi may have a brief past although it has a vibrant present and a bright future. The PGPB is designed to help you reach your professional goals.


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